Dropshipping with Shopify in 2022

Dropshipping with shopify in 2022 min

Dropshipping is one of the major trends in the world of online retail. It proved its benefits both for customers and sellers in 2021 and continues to develop in 2022. Here you can learn some facts and useful data about dropshipping with Shopify in the previous year, what to expect now and how to use this tool most effectively.

Shopify is a dropshipping service, that allows the seller to cut costs significantly, as they do not need to deal with storing the products or finding direct contacts with suppliers. Instead, when customers make orders at your Shopify website, the information is transferred to third-party suppliers, who fulfill them. Therefore you, as a seller, do not need to worry about production, supply, and shipping. Your main goal is to attract customers with your marketing skills, and Shopify will handle the rest.

What’s new with Shopify in 2022

One of the most important advantages of Shopify drophipping is, that it does not demand you to be tech-savvy. Even if you do not have an eCommerce store, you can set one up in no time using premade templates and simple tutorials. Another advantage is a low initial investment: you do not have to buy goods upfront, risking that they won’t eventually find a buyer.

Shopify is constantly working on improving its functionality, updating the software, and adding new features. For example, one of the recent updates improved personalization opportunities, allowing the merchants to find, what suits them best. There are several areas that Shopify plans to focus on in 2022. Among them are the following:

⦁ Introducing tools for working with the global market, as 20% already use Shopify in a language other than English. This includes localizing apps and themes, so more merchants in different countries will be able to work with them.
⦁ Improving user experience on mobile, not only for customers but also for merchants, as many of them, especially in high-growth markets, prefer to manage their dropshipping business on mobile.
⦁ Improving Shopify themes management for mobile users, making more features mobile-friendly.

A better alternative for dropshipping with Shopify

The main disadvantage of Shopify is the high costs of the service itself. While you do not need to spend resources on storing and delivering goods, as was mentioned earlier, you still have to pay for dropshipping apps, that will connect your eCommerce website with third-party suppliers, and for the plugins to add more features to your store. Depending on what pricing plan you use, the total Shopify pricing can reach several hundred dollars a month

Luckily, there is an alternative: WooCommerce is a free dropshipping service with equivalent functionality and lots of plugins, that are also available for free. It is based on WordPress software, which allows you to set up and customize your store without in-depth technical knowledge. As with Shopify, you will need a plugin to connect your website with suppliers, and this task is easily solved by Ali2Woo. With it, you can easily migrate your business from other Aliexpress dropshipping tools and continue building your eCommerce project on one of the multiple WooCommerce themes. Furthermore, Ali2Woo requires a one-time purchase, it will not eat away your money with each month. With this cost-effective solution, you will build a thriving and profitable online store.

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