Alidropshipping: how to work on the dropshipping model with AliExpress?

How to work on the dropshipping model with aliexpress

AliExpress is a huge Chinese marketplace with a wide assortment. Sellers are not only residents of the Celestial Empire, but also participants from India, Thailand, Turkey, and so on. Since most of the sellers on Aliexpress are foreign producers, the prices here are very competitive. Which is exactly what a dropshipper needs. AliExpress dropshipping is no less profitable than Alibaba dropshipping.

There is nothing easier than working on the dropshipping model with Aliexpress. You need to register and choose a product, pay for it, and in the address field to specify the data of your buyer.

The disadvantages are the long delivery time and the fact that you are not able to influence the quality of packaging, etc. To understand more about the product read the reviews. It is not recommended to work with goods without reviews as well as stores (sellers) with poor ratings.

How do Aliexpress sellers feel about dropshipping?

Despite the fact that this trading website positions itself as a retailer, most sellers (in particular guys from China) know that many buyers of their goods are resellers, and treat them with understanding. That is why there are pictures and descriptions added to each product that you can use. Plus, nothing stopping you from taking actual photos from customer reviews. You can take a screenshot of the image or download it by right-clicking on the photo.

How do I choose an item on AliExpress to sell?

First of all, you have to decide on a niche.  What do you want to sell? For example, it can be children’s goods, beauty and health items, electronics, and so on. If you do not know where to start, use the category block. And ponder over, go through them. You can opt for what you are most interested in and what you are more expert in. All categories on AliExpress offer a vast selection of products. Look for quality products from trusted suppliers.

What to do after someone has bought an item from you?

Dropshipping on Aliexpress is similar to any other dropshipping system. When your customer has placed an order with you (with your markup) and paid for it, buy now this product on AliExpress, choose the shipping method that best suits you, and enter your customer’s name and address into the shipping address. The difference between your price and the seller’s store price is your profit.

The Aliexpress seller will take care of the rest. You will then only need to make sure that the customer has received his or her product. Don’t forget to also provide a tracking number to track the parcel to your client.

The seller should know that you are a dropshipper. Then, he or she will not put in the shipping any promotional booklets and postcards with promotions, promo codes for the next purchase in his or her store. To do this you need to leave a simple message for the seller when placing your order. For example: “Dear friend, I am a dropshipper! Please do not send any other additional information with the package to my buyer. Thank you, nice doing business with you!”

Dropshipping with Aliexpress and returns

Many sellers on Aliexpress do not offer returns. That is, you have to handle the returns yourself. What are the problems with orders?

  • The parcel did not arrive.
  • The buyer was not satisfied with the product.
  • The buyer received a completely different product.

In the first case, you need to contact the seller. And raise the issue. In this situation, the problem can be resolved using the buyer protection form on AliExpress. Sellers who value their reputation, no problem sending the same item again.

In the second option, when your customer is simply not happy with the product, for example, he or she received not what he or she expected, or the product was damaged or defective, it is better to make a refund. But before doing so, ask your customer to take pictures of the product and send them to the AliExpress seller. In 95% of cases, sellers will either give a refund or offer to send a replacement.

If your buyer received something that is not what he or she ordered, also use the buyer’s protection, or talk to the seller. Trusted and reliable sellers will always be on your side.

How to ease AliExpress dropshipping?

You can start dropshipping business with the help of special plugins and in such a way ease your work. If you created your dropshipping website on WordPress with the help of Woocommerce, you can use our Ali2Woo plugin. It makes it possible to import any product from any supplier because there are no limitations on the number of sellers who can add products from.

If you already use some dropshipping plugin, you can migrate products from it. The process of transferring the products is quite simple in the case of  WooDropship, AliDropship, Wooimporter, Shopmaster plugins. Our Ali2Woo plugin has great functionality that will help you make a profit on AliExpress dropshipping.

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