Dropshipping For Newbies: Learn To Earn!

Dropshipping for newbies learn to earn

What is dropshipping?

  1. The supplier of the goods is in China. Its wholesale price on AliExpress is $3, including the delivery and providing the tracking number.
  2. The buyer lives in the United States, sees this product on eBay, where he likes to shop, at a retail price of $9. This is quite an affordable price for the product he needs, he is happy and makes an instant purchase.
  3. You live anywhere or travel. You are an online shop owner. You see $9 and the buyer’s shipment details. You send the supplier $3 and the buyer’s address, eBay takes its commission, and you keep your $4 to $5 margin.
  4. The supplier processes the buyer’s order in due course. The happy buyer leaves your store a good review. Other buyers see it and also buy from you. And so on.

Dropshipping for Beginners

So, what is dropshipping? It is a business model of an online store. To sell goods online, it is not necessary to have a warehouse, an offline store, to deal with delivery, to hire staff. How do you launch one?

  1. Through Google Trends, you can find a product in demand in the United States and a niche that is in constant demand, regardless of the season. Find the suppliers of this product on AliExpress. Read the reviews, look at the product photos. Contact the suppliers; evaluate the speed and quality of their response. Your suppliers must be reliable: it affects your business.
  2. Come up with a bright, sonorous, and unique name. It should be easy to remember and reflect your values. It should be possible to use it for the company name (it should not be occupied), and for the domain name, and for the logo.
  3. Create a portrait of the average buyer. Age, gender, country. Usually, it is the USA and Europe, age 21-65. Make the ads for them in Canva.
  4. The best platform for the store is WordPress with WooCommerce plugin and Ali2Woo for AliExpress. Never deal with Shopify and its add-ons! At the launch stage, these unreasonably inflated costs can ruin your business (their monthly fee only reaches $2000, and there is a transaction fee for any purchase through their platform!).
  5. Save $1000. You will need it for advertising and small expenses: domain, hosting, WooCommerce plugin for WordPress, Ali2Woo plugin for AliExpress. If you want to dropship on eBay, you will also need another plugin that we offer. You only pay once when you buy them.
  6. Now, set up the store, import the goods, and start the Facebook ad campaign. Promote your store properly. Focus on promotion, pricing, and working with your customers while our plugins do the routine work for you daily. The better you are in promoting and customer service, the sooner you will see the money.

Was it too much information for the first time, or you are interested and eager to learn more about how dropshipping works? Take a few minutes and read our other publications. In fact, dropshipping is a low-risk business with huge potential. Consider trying it! We are here to help.

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