Frequent problems faced by beginners in the dropshipping business

Frequent problems faced by biginners in dropshipping

No matter what you start out doing, everyone makes mistakes in the beginning. Some are lucky, and they don’t affect anything but ego. But for some, one slip-up leads to a fiasco. Dropshipping for beginners is no exception. We have prepared for you the most common mistakes that you can avoid in dropshipping business.

Mistake #1. Start and get rich the next day

You have to understand that any business involves investment, but not necessarily a financial investment. In the initial stages, without experience and real opportunities for large-scale sales, the money won’t flow endlessly. Before you start and be disappointed, saying that it does not work, admit it: first you have to work. This means to choose a website for sales, to understand the peculiarities of their work, to study the demand for the goods,  to master the nuances of pricing and advertising time.

Mistake #2. Underestimating the price

Have you got the idea that you can set the price to an order of magnitude below the recommended? It makes sense because in this way you can increase sales volume since your competitors have the same product more expensive. Forget it. Such an idea entails a lot of risks. The buyer can refuse goods without explanation, and then the delivery (to him and back to the warehouse) falls on your shoulders. Without a normal markup, you run the risk of working at zero. In addition, the cost of goods must include their time and effort. You do not want to work for a penny? Then value your work on its own merits.

Mistake #3. Selling

Who would be happy to get a product that doesn’t fit the description, paying a tidy sum? Trying to deceive people is not in your best interest if you plan to grow your business. Refusals, returns, negative feedback, and a bad reputation are not the best companions for a businessman. That’s why we don’t recommend lying about the quality, completeness, and originality of the product, or unreasonably inflating the price. It is better to work on descriptions and texts that will convince the potential client that the product is exactly what he or she was looking for.

Mistake #4. Acting on a pattern

Dropshipping is an unlimited space for experimentation. Change the markup depending on the season, demand, trends, and new products. Study the needs of your target audience, and in accordance with them adjust the level of prices. Try new websites, design different text descriptions – do not stand still, but move forward and evolve.

Mistake #5. Customer neglect

People reapply to salespeople whose approach appeals to them. Everyone likes to be answered immediately and respond quickly to requests or complaints. Try to respond as quickly as possible to requests from potential buyers, be polite and responsive. Respect your clients, tell them the truth and keep your promises, and they will come back to you.

Mistake #6. Unreasonable spending on advertising

Your advertising campaign is profitable if you take the right approach. First, do not spend all the profits on new advertising, not completely understand how it works. Do not rush with this, because you run the risk of being left with nothing. Secondly, you should not invest in advertising before you get a normal income. One sale is a good sign, but not a guarantee of a successful project.

Mistake #7. Think a lot – do not do enough

Undoubtedly, to think every step – a necessity. But do not get too carried away with it. Do not stand still, planning a dropshipping business for 10 years ahead. Plan, but don’t forget to do something as well.

Mistake #8. Lack of dropshipping plugins use

Special dropship plugins make dropshipper`s job easier. They can add products to the website, automatically update the price, track orders and delivery. All this can do our Ali2Woo dropshipping plugin. Its functionality is even wider than most other plugins. The main difference between our Ali2Woo plugin and other plugins –  they require users to use their chrome extension to update imported items. With Ali2Woo Plugin synchronization doesn’t happen through the extension.

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