How to promote your electronics dropshipping business?

How to promote your electronics dropshipping business

If you don’t have money for promotion, some simple tips can help with dropshipping electronics. They can be used without spending a penny – you lose nothing, and the result can be a pleasant surprise.

Tip #1. Find a way to communicate with customers regularly

It’s proven that people you know buy better. Look for ways to contact the customer: you can call and ask how the product was delivered if there are any problems with its use. This way you show that feedback is really important to you. 

Tip #2. Don’t forget about email marketing

E-mail marketing is confused with spam. However, the right email remains a powerful and inexpensive way to get close to the customer at the moment of decision. Especially when the customer signs up to receive the information themselves.

Tip #3. Collaborate with your colleagues

There are thousands of entrepreneurs out there just like you. Let them have links to your website, and you – to their. Look for close areas of business in dropshipping 2022 and promote each other.

Tip #4. Use SMM

Sometimes company owners don’t take SMM promotion seriously: we are an important company, and the networks are idle people with a skinny wallet. This is not true, users of social networks – active financial and communicative consumers. They buy online, create activity around the company, and share their shopping experiences. You need a live page that requires constant attention: as soon as the activity in the publicity drops, users unsubscribe from it.

Tip #5. Apply reputation tools proactively

Satisfied customers won’t talk nonstop about products and services. Rather, those who were offended and didn’t like the product will tell. To use positive reviews to promote your business, don’t forget to suggest customers leave comments on your website or social media.

Tip #6. Work with negative customer reviews

Do not only promote positive opinions about your business online but also neutralize negative ones. Negative comments work more powerfully than positive ones because consumers believe that positive comments can be tweaked artificially, while negative comments are written by real customers. Contact the authors of bad reviews, if possible. This will bring several benefits at once: it will help correct a mistake, remove the comment from the network, turn an opponent into a supporter, and learn about the company’s shortcomings.

Tip #7. Reputation is more important than money to build a brand

The problem with promoting the business of many companies is the desire to force the customer to buy a product or service at any cost. At first, it will bring income, but when the client will understand that he or she was forced to buy by marketing manipulation, he or she will start to work against your brand.

Tip #8. Use the Internet to make your company known

The need for an online presence does not depend on the type of business. It does not matter what your dropshipping company does – gadgets, sausage, locomotives, or grain. Modern possibilities of SMM and Internet marketing allow promoting even the most severe B2B spheres.

Tip #9. Learn how to properly evaluate the effectiveness of business promotion on the Internet

You do not have to be an ace site builder, design expert, or copywriter. It is important to be able to evaluate the correctness of the promotion. You need to understand the analytics tools and pay for the result.

Tip#10. Use special dropshipping plugins

If you are doing dropshipping from AliExpress, you can use our Ali2Woo plugin. With it, you can import unlimited products into your store. When you purchase Ali2Woo you get a license code (purchase code). You need to input this code in Ali2Woo setting on the domain you going to use. Moreover, we offer discounts periodically, so check our website and social pages to know about actual discounts.

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