Common mistakes made in dropshipping

Common mistakes in dropshipping

Every day dropshipping online stores open and close. The reasons for business failure can be very different: high competition, logistics, marketing. Starting your own dropshipping business should take into account all the nuances and options for development. This is why we explained dropshipping in detail in our blog.

Below let’s consider the gross dropshippers` mistakes to better understand what not to do and how to achieve success faster. So, basic mistakes in the work of a dropshipper are:

1. Lack of product knowledge

Many dropshipping newbies choose one supplier or several with a large assortment of products. They start randomly adding products to the page, and after they don’t see the result, they try to add a lot of different products to the assortment.

The mistake is that your website visitor does not understand one product and does not see its benefits and advantages but receives other products not related to what he or she was looking for. Focus your attention on one product, study it and gradually add others that will complement it.

2. The wrong niche

When starting a dropshipping business, you need to decide on a niche. It is not enough to just point the finger at the first niche and start developing in it. It is necessary to do some research, to study the competitors in this niche.

You need to see what you can offer that the other proven sellers don’t have. Evaluate the amount of useful content on industry resources, on the topic of your dropshipping store. As a result, you’ll be able to find niches where advertising and content pitching are poorly developed.

3. Unjustifiably overpriced goods

One of the gross mistakes – unjustifiably overpriced goods. Once you find yourself in a niche with high demand but not much income, don’t try to raise the price of the product. Promote the products with the help of advertising. Set the average market price, and in some cases even slightly lower. When sales come in, you can raise the price.

4. Bad shipping

Pay enough attention to shipping. Even a quality product is unnecessary if it will not arrive in the time agreed with the customer. Delaying delivery, you risk losing all customers. Working on the dropshipping model, discuss this issue with the supplier, and control the timeliness of delivery and the quality of the packaging of the goods.

5. Present yourself as a manufacturer

When starting to actively work with customers, many dropshippers position themselves as a supplier. The mistake is that you may not have enough product knowledge or negotiating experience and sooner or later you will give yourself away.

Lying is the worst way to grow your dropshipping business. Try to be as honest as possible with your supplier and customers. If you do, you will be successful.

6. Lack of dropshipping plugins use

Any experienced dropshipping businessman knows how much is it important to use dropshipping plugins in their work. This is because they can automate most routine tasks that need to be done by dropshipper. For example, the Ali2Woo plugin can import AliExpress products, filter products with ePacket, fulfill and track orders, import products and reviews in different AliExpress languages and much more.

Dropshipping plugins are a necessity in today’s dropshipping world. Their absence leads to a decrease in the potential of the dropshipping business.


Carefully study your dropshipping business model and make adjustments in the initial stages. Also, read dropshipping for dummies guides. We hope this article will help you develop your dropshipping business further, and that you won’t make the mistakes of dropshipping newcomers.

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