What Platforms Are Good for Dropshipping?

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Searching for suppliers is a constant process. And there’s a question that will eventually pop into your mind, whether you’re a dropshipping newcomer, or have been doing this for some time already. “Can I try out other platforms?” Stories from dropshipping Reddit users mention different opportunities, and today we will go through some of the most popular ones.

Etsy Dropshipping: What to Expect?

This online marketplace thrives on creative minds, artisans, private collectors, and the like. Etsy dropshipping is an actual thing, especially popular among print-on-demand dropshippers.  

Pros: Etsy is a reputable platform with great customer support. The suppliers really care about their reputation as well, so high product quality is basically guaranteed. 

Cons: Sizeable fees ($0.2 for listings that expire after some time, 5% for transactions) will undoubtedly tarnish your profit margins. Etsy also forbids wholesales, limits scaling, and is overall extremely not mass-sale friendly. With policies that harsh, it’s only a matter of time that the marketplace bans dropshipping entirely. 

Oberlo Dropshipping: What is it like?  

Many confuse Oberlo with a wholesale marketplace for dropshippers. But it is actually a dropshipping software for AliExpress and not a separate retailer. Oberlo enjoys a fair share of popularity: it’s easy to work with and offers multiple handy features. But it comes with a few obstacles for those interested in low-investment business:  

  • It has limits & regular fees. Those who use Oberlo for free, get only 500 products and just 50 orders a month. To receive 10,000 products and 500 orders (plus some additional features) you will have to spend $29.90 monthly. And unlimited orders and 30,000 products come with $79.90/month. 
  • It only works with Shopify CMS. Keep in mind that Shopify itself doesn’t have many free dropshipping options and has hefty monthly payments and fees (find more about it here.) The whole combo of Oberlo + Spotify expenses is more sizeable than most of the dropshippers would deal with.   
  • It creates grounds for increased competition among dropshippers. Oberlo software displays the “Bestsellers” category with the most popular products. So if the goods from your unique niche end up there, prepare for the competitors. 
  • It prohibits lots of popular categories, including bicycles and helmets, e-cigarettes, vapes & hookas, as well as dupes of famous brands (can be considered counterfeit.)

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In conclusion, for a stress-free and affordable dropshipping stick with WooCommerce as a CMS and AliExpress as a product sourcing platform. Both are dropship-friendly and come with numerous free options plus and no payment plans. And the right dropshipping software like Ali2Woo Plugin will manage the process for you — from product import and bulk orders to automatic synchronization and fulfillments. 

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