Dropshipping Electronics: Doing It Right

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The consumer electronic and digital market is currently worth more than $680 billion. Considering how rapidly our technology-charged society evolves, it’s safe to say the figures will only grow. That’s why electronic products are so favored in the 2021 dropshipping world. Here’s how to manage them properly:  

  • Check your knowledge. That’s basically Dropshipping 101 — you should be interested in the products you’re selling. And that’s crucially important if you dropship electronics. You don’t have to be a tech expert but you need to be able to provide your customers with useful information and support.
  • Study the market & trends. Don’t dropship any and every electronics device just for the sake of it. Find the niche and then start searching for the winning products within that niche. 
  • Choose reliable suppliers. Official manufacturers are often present on AliExpress, so you can dropship directly from them. You can also comb through other suppliers who offer fast delivery, discounts, an array of brands, and warranties. Just to be safe and sure, don’t hesitate to invest in ordering different sample products from them.  

When it comes to markups, try to keep them as low as possible in this case. Electronic devices tend to sell in high volumes, and selling more for less is better. As for niche searching, let’s take a look at some categories that may be obvious but full of hidden gems.  

— Headphones & headsets. Yes, these are some of the most popular categories in eCommerce / dropshipping. But pay closer attention to gadgets like headsets for sleeping (integrated inside a soft eye mask.) Or glow-in-the-dark headphones for kids and young adults that will provide the parents with a piece of mind.

— UV sanitizers for phones & other sanitizing gadgets. The world will arguably never be the same, and surface disinfection is a routine at this point. Moreover, many workplaces demand it on a regular basis, so the cool-looking gadgets that use ultraviolet light to kill bacteria come in handy. Also, they make self-cleaning water bottles these days that use the same principle. 

— Movie projectors. With many people still stuck at home, watching Netflix on the same pristine screen becomes boring after a while. Movie projectors add novelty, romantic vibe, and aesthetic. They also come in vintage-style looks and make great gifts. 

Interactive pet gadgets. Feeders, water fountains, pet & dog cameras — everything to make a pet owner’s life easier. Be more careful with electronic toys though: they can be a health hazard for the animal. 

—  Phone & tablet accessories. People may not be changing their phone for some time after purchasing but they will inevitably go through different charges, cables, even power banks. The trick is to find the accessories that have distinctive exteriors — as opposed to the dull models in regular stores. 

Once you get your electronic dropshipping store off the ground, you can move to more daring products like mobile gadgets, household cleaning devices, or gardening tools. But from day one you need to stay synchronized with your supplier’s store.  Ali2Woo Plugin for AliExpress dropshipping provides you with that and so much more. Click the link above to learn about everything it does for dropshipping websites. 

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