TOP 9 Dropshipping Products for Halloween and Christmas [in 2019]

In today’s post, we talk about the TOP 9 dropshipping products for Halloween 2019.

We recommend road-testing these products on Halloween so you can maximize your drop shipping revenue and profit.

And the good news. Most of these products will work well on your Christmas marketing campaign, too!

Now let’s dive in:

  1. The LED and Crazy Effect Light Bulb
  2. Neon Flexible Tape
  3. The Alien Inflatable Monster Costume
  4. LED Hat
  5. The Scary Monkey Effect Toy
  6. The Bat-Shaped Phone Holder
  7. Funny Masks for adults
  8. The Halloween Horror School Mask
  9. The Halloween Decoration Fake Knife
Tip: If you want advice on how to price any product from this post, let us know in the comments.

1. The LED and Crazy Effect Light Bulb

No doubt about it, the first product, by far, is our favorite product.


This product has a super cool, insane effect.

It glows a crazy green flame in the bulb, adding a touch of mystery and Halloween spook.

The product comes in different colors: red, blue, and multicolor too.

All-in-all, if the customer sees more variations and options of the product, then there is a higher
chance to sell this product to him.

Targeting and marketing tips:

Use the same audience as Philips Hue. Just narrow it down by Halloween. Target things like home decor, modern decor, or stuff like Christmas gift. Also, you can try light bulbs, Halloween trick-or-treating, etc.

The great thing about this Halloween product – it’s a Christmas product too! So, it’s a two-in-one product which means the life-cycle of this product you’ve got another 3-4 months on it.

In your product description, tell people how to use this product. They could use it as a little lantern when walking around. They could put it inside a lantern or in a pumpkin. Alternately, they make great outside door lamps.

2. Neon Flexible Tape

Now, precisely what makes this product so unique?

Other than the fact that it drives people crazy and is addictive!

Look here, and you will see why:


Now get this. It’s a tape that you can flex into any shape, any mold, and what’s more, it will stay in position. Perfect for adding to costumes for that something extra. Great, if you want to make an outfit unique.

And the secret to its success, and the reason people buy this product?

It makes them think creatively. It is that simple. The product offers multiple options, and once they get started, it’s difficult to stop!

The cool thing is, they can even put it on their cars or around the house.

But without doubt, the best use is for Neon Flexible Tape must be Halloween costumes and by putting it on themselves.

Let’s see how this could work for you and focus on the way you will want to advertise this product.

Targeting and marketing tips:

First off, you need to target things like Halloween, chocolate tree, pumpkin, scary movies, etc.

Your ad copy should include information to draw in the reader and engage them:

  • “Look like the best trick-or-treaters.”
  • “Who will be the best trick-or-treater in 2019 – you or your friend?”

This way, you are encouraging some competition between buyers, and once engaged, you have your buyer hooked. So, a simple question, because nothing works better than a question. Who will have the best costume? In that way, people will buy this product simultaneously in your dropshipping store.

And remember the value of bulk discounts. This product comes in different sizes, and people can order more than one item. An important point!

3. The Alien Inflatable Monster Costume

Who can’t resist an alien? This costume will have people looking twice and makes it look like somebody’s captured by an alien.

This product is up there with the best, and some say it wins at the moment because it has a wow and crazy effect!

And, the important this is, the Alien Inflatable Monster Costume is getting some crazy daily sales on AliExpress!

Look at some images of the product below to see it in action:


Targeting and marketing tips:

Again, focus on the buyer’s interests like Halloween, costume party.

Call your buyer to attention, by targeting this product, and people will want to read on: “Look, be the center of attention this Halloween with an amazing alien costume!”

Emotions sell products. Use emotional descriptions and words on your website to attract your consumers:

When you’re out and about “Trick or Treating”, don’t get left behind. You know you’re the most fun, cool, and funky Halloween ghoul. And you’re gonna look the best! That’s why you need it. This product has an insane effect – hovering in crazy costumes.

4. Led Hat

Can this be true? An LED HAT! So, let’s take a closer look…

One of the ways people are using this product is to attach it to their tree.

So, beware! You will attract the avid trick-or-treaters, as they will head straight over to the house that looks super cool!

Who wouldn’t think? “Wow! This is amazing! Let’s go to this house because it looks the most fun!”


What’s more, the LED Hat goes excellent on top of pumpkins, and it has a unique, fun effect!

Some parents go all-out for their kids, and when it comes to customizing their house at Halloween, they will spend big to make it look amusing!

And again, this product is bringing in some huge daily sales!


Targeting and marketing tips:

You will want to target Halloween interests, and outdoor gardening narrowed down by Halloween or “chalk & tree.”
Your target audience will be moms and dads, wanting to decorate the house for the kids and trick-or-treaters.

5. The Scary Monkey Effect Toy

Yes, it’s true. This product is the fantastic Crazy Scary Monkey toy.

With just a click of a button, the monkey pops up.

So, let’s look at the way people will use this toy:


You put it on the back of a phone, and without question, it has a scary effect.


The kids will love the product because they will interact with it.

The adults (moms and dads) will want to scare their kids on Halloween.

So, they have fun with this product too.

And we include this product in today’s list because it’s getting daily sales.

Targeting and marketing tips:

This product is perfect for video marketing, and a video ad for this product would show off its best features. But, equally so, a carousel ad would work well for all dropshipping products mentioned in this post. By combining the two, any Halloween marketing campaign would be awesome.

6.The Bat-shaped Bracket Phone Holder

Here is your Halloween, in-car product! This product you can put in the car, and it has different ways you can target it, and take Halloween with you everywhere you go!

Everyone needs a phone stand, and you can’t get better than this!

There’s no way of better of doing it for Halloween than a bat stand!

Drivers can put their phone in it, and it can just look super epic:


However, it’s suitable for kids, and not just the adults in your life.

So, when your phone’s in the holder, the kids see it and have a bit of fun with it.

And a bonus for all those fans of Batman–they will love this product too.

Targeting and marketing tips:

You can target this product in key areas such as Halloween and then narrowing it down by gadgets or smart gadgets.

Again, you can do eye-catching carousels or video ads for this product.

7. Funny Masks for Adults

Be warned! Halloween is not Halloween without a mask!

Adults have got to have fun on Halloween, and there is no better, or more straightforward way than a funny, Halloween mask.

Whether it’s a costume party or a get-together, this is a great way to have a bit of fun!


And you need not worry about having the same mask as your friends. This product comes in multiple variants. So, you can get different shapes of scary faces.

But don’t just take our word for how good it is. This product is trending and scaling on AliExpress.

It’s got about 10K orders at the moment! That’s why we would recommend testing it.
What have you got to lose?


Targeting and marketing tips:

The carousel is perfect for this product. You would run, let’s say, four images in the carousel ad. Just pick the top four scary faces that you think are the best sellers.

Remember that some people might want to buy one for their wife, one for their husband, and one for other family members. Make the use of discounts for bulk orders.

Remember the power of words in the text of your ads. For example, suggest ideas by questions:

  • “Why don’t you buy a scary face for your costume party?”
  • “Why not buy this to scare the kids?”

You must target adults for this product because it’s an adult product:

  • “Buy it either scare or for the kids.”
  • “Buy it for going to Halloween parties or costume parties.”

8. The Halloween Horror School Mask

More masks, but customers cannot get enough masks! Also, these masks always make good sales.

So, as a dropshipper, you need to add this product to your store. Can you afford not to?

And it doesn’t matter whether you sell it to people that ride a motorbike or people out trick-or-treating.

That’s why we put this product on today’s list.


Previously, a similar LED mask has been going crazy every Halloween, but this is now old news for us.

In this post, we didn’t put that one on today’s list just because it has super over-saturated the market. It is no longer unique.

Too many people are doing it now.

So, we got you another example, and this new mask is an excellent alternative to that one.


Targeting and marketing tips:

You can target motorcyclists, or you have your focus on the chocolate tree recipe, for example.

Also, you can do a carousel ad for this product and pick the top pictures for it.

As for ad copy:

  • “Look, the scariest for Halloween, with the Halloween School Horror School Mask.”
  • “Make you stand out for Halloween.”
  • “Make it look cool when you’re riding a motorcycle for Halloween.”

In addition to that, offer bulk discounts to encourage people to order a few items for different days

9. The Halloween Costume Fake Knife

Check this out, because this type of product is selling insanely!

The Halloween Fake Knife product makes it look as though you’ve been attacked with scissors or a knife or a needle. Nice, eh!

However, there are sellers on AliExpress having something like 5000 orders on this product alone, making it a no-brainer, Halloween must-have!

In short, this is the reason why the product is on today’s list.


You can find similar dropshipping products for Halloween in your local stores like Walmarts, but AliExpress offers far more variants, and importantly, our prices are CHEAPER!

The point? Buying here provides a better choice and a more competitive price.


Targeting and marketing tips:

The key to showing this product to its best is to employ a carousel ad for this type of product.

Again, make use of copy, with engaging statements, such as:

  • “Look, the scariest for Halloween.”
  • “Looking the best for Halloween.”
  • “Looking for fancy dress costumes for Halloween parties.”
  • “Looking the best among your friends, and stand out from the crowd.”


If you’re going as a group of four to a costume party, you want to look the best. You want to be different, and this takes creativity and great products

Buying this product makes sound business sense, and gives you confidence when selling it to people

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