Writing a successful dropshipping business plan

Writing a successful dropshipping business plan min

Running a dropshipping business sounds like an easy task for everyone but, in fact, it’s complicated work that requires patience and some knowledge. You won’t make your online store thrive if you don’t develop a well-thought-out dropshipping business plan.

In this article, we will tell about all the information any successful business plan should include. Enjoy reading!

Executive Summary and Business Description

These are two introductory sections that should display some basic information about your dropshipping business. In the Executive Summary, you should write about your business idea, target audience, goals and objective, and unique features of the business. Business Description should contain information about business location, registration, licenses, partners, etc. 

Products Offer

This part of a dropshipping business plan contains all the relevant information about the products you are going to sell online. Briefly describe why you decided to choose these exact types of goods. If you are going to cover several niches, write why you think they are promising and profitable. Also, explain why your products will be demanded by the target audience of your store. Don’t forget that managing all the inventory in a dropshipping store is impossible on your own. That’s why you need to describe the purpose and pricing of using additional tools, such as our dropshipping plugin for Aliexpress, which can make the whole dropshipping process completely automated.

Competitive analysis

Before writing a business plan, research the market and create a list of your major competitors. Include this list into your plan and analyze the products, social media, and pricing of each store. Specify their biggest advantages and disadvantages and write which features and characteristics of your business project might be better than those of your competitors. Explain how you are going to achieve your goals and how competition with mentioned businesses can impact your performance.

Pricing formula

This part of a business plan should include the costs you are going to charge for the offered goods. Explain the formula you are going to use for setting prices. Here you should also determine a margin. Setting a low margin at this stage isn’t the best idea because your business needs a good startover. In this section, you should also write about your suppliers and the costs you’ll spend on delivery and shipment processing.

Marketing Plan

Promotion is essential when running any type of business. In your dropshipping plan, you need to mention the means you are going to use for effective marketing. Think about the platforms that might be useful and about the types of content you will post in social media or blog articles for promotion.

Financial Plan

Finally, in the last section, you should include all the financial data about your dropshipping business. This includes information about initial investments, expected revenues, market share, expenses on business development, etc.

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