Guide on the Banggood pluging for dropshipping

Guide on the banggod pluging for dropshipping min

You may have noticed that WordPress (WP) has not so many plugins for dropshipping with Banggood. Bng2Woo is one of the first Banggood dropshipping plugins for WooCommerce in the world. Bng2Woo integrates only with WordPress and WooCommerce, unlike other dropshipping plugins which result in bugs and other problems. Bng2Woo as well as Ali2Woo and eBay2Woo specializes only in WordPress and WooCoomrce websites. If you still haven`t dropshipping store, you can also order the development of the dropshipping website from us without having to develop it yourself.

So, Bng2Woo connects to your WordPress dropshipping store and allows you to browse and select items from Banggood. Items are then automatically sent to your dropshipping store with item details such as description, title, photos, etc. We created Bng2Woo dropshipping plugin based on our solid and varied experience in creating and running a dropshipping business. Every feature has been tested on our projects and improved with the help of dropshippers from around the world. Our hard work and collaborative research have resulted in a product that truly leads dropshipping businesses to success, and we’re proud of it. We invite you to get the most out of our Bng2Woo dropshipping plugin: it’s time to start building your prosperous dropshipping business.

Bng2Woo overview: the best features and characteristics

Bng2Woo is a one-click-ready plugin that turns your WordPress website into a full-featured dropshipping online store with auto-sync for inventory & prices. Together with Bng2Woo, you get many automated tools for searching and importing products from Banggood. You get filters and a button to add items to your website. Bng2Woo helps automate pricing because it allows you to create your own rules to set your markups when prices change.

Bng2Woo dropshipping plugin will help you find and import top-quality products from almost any product category on Banggood. There is also a built-in image editor and product options. You can customize imported products as you want. Moreover, our dropshipping plugin allows you to import products in desired currency (Bng2Woo supports all currencies from the Banggood website).

Bng2Woo allows you to save your disk space and instead of importing images to your hosting disk, you can use external images paths. Bng2Woo also allows you to offer free shipping for your buyers by including the Banggood shipping cost in the overall price. This is an extremely useful feature because not all Bng2Woo`s alternatives have such a possibility. As you can, Bng2Woo is a highly useful Banggood dropshipping plugin that eases the life of entrepreneurs.

Who needs Bng2Woo?

There are two types of entrepreneurs that should consider Bng2Woo. The first is an entrepreneur that wants to start a dropshipping business but doesn’t have the desire, resources, or skills to set up an online store. In this case, you can contact Bng2Woo and ask for a customized dropshipping online store with all the tools needed to start selling. These services will cost you a more reasonable price compared to many other developers online.

The other type of entrepreneur that should consider Bng2Woo is a person that already has a WordPress website up and running. Or a person that has experience with WordPress and WooCommerce and wants to open a dropshipping online store. In this situation, you only pay for the Banggood plugin and install it on WordPress. You can then start adding products to your store, editing them, automating pricing, using Banggood Affiliate Key, and much more.

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