The best and most popular platforms for dropshipping

The best and most popular platforms for dropshipping

So you start a dropshipping business. The first step is to study the market and the target audience, to choose the products you want to sell. Then it’s time to choose a platform with which you will create an online store. Here are the best and most popular platforms for dropshipping.


Statistically, it is the platform with the largest number of users. Woocommerce is suitable for stores of different sizes, with different assortment, selling in different areas. Woocommerce runs through WordPress, so the platform is sometimes referred to as a plugin. But we tend to think of Woocommerce as a complete platform for creating an online store. This is why Woocommerce dropshipping is very popular.

Pros. WordPress is a very popular CMS with the help of which you can create stores and blogs – yes, almost any site. We’ve already told you why users appreciate it. This variety of functions and plugins, the lack of need to understand the technical wilderness, responsive technical support, and good SEO optimization. This is why WordPress dropshipping is the most popular option for newcomers in dropshipping.

Cons. Woocommerce itself is free, but you have to buy the domain and template in WordPress. Additional features (like professional plugins) are also paid for.


It is also a great platform for newbies. The 200,000 active users respect Shopify primarily because the CMS is easy to work with. The platform can be used for free for the first two weeks of the trial period. After that, you have to pay at least $29 per month.

Pros. It is easy to use. There are many templates for the design (however, free only 10), dozens of plugins. Shopify offers a blog with tons of useful information and an active community of people who are willing to help with advice. Your stores powered by Shopify are well adapted for mobile gadgets and perfectly indexed by search engines. If you use the built-in Shopify Payments system you don’t have to pay any withdrawal fees.

Cons. You will have to buy a domain. There are also paid templates and expensive plugins. Opportunities for individualization of the online store are rather limited: still, it’s more of a designer than a complete solution for creating a unique online store.


This platform has open-source code. Accordingly, each user can make changes to Magento at will, which makes it flexible and responsive and gets better. 8% of online stores are made through Magento.

The platform is free. But if you have a large business or need help from developers, you’ll get help and support for a fee. There are also paid extensions and templates, with prices starting at $1.

Pros. The platform has almost endless possibilities for customizing your store. If you have strong enough programming skills, you can create your own dream store – with all the features you can imagine.

Cons. You need to buy hosting (which can cost a lot of money if you have a large and complex store) and set it up yourself. And in general, you can’t do without technical knowledge when working with Magento. Also, there is no free technical support. All problems will either have to be solved by yourself or ask other Magento users.

Dropshipping business with Woocommerce

It is better to start a dropshipping business with Woocommerce. There’s a reason why there are so many dropshippers here and we have mentioned it above. As with any other platform, you need a plugin to get started and Ali2Woo is the best option.

Ali2Woo will help you import products while browsing AliExpress without hassle, Import products and reviews in different AliExpress Language, offer a wide variety of your products – colors, materials, multiple sizes, and more.

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