5 reasons why dropshipping large-sized products isn’t for everyone

5 reasons why dropshipping large sized products isnt for everyone

Most first-time entrepreneurs, starting their career, in an effort to reach the heights in it and earn their first money, turn to one of the simplest models of earning – dropshipping model.

Dropshipping does not require large expenditures and risks, complex calculations, and huge investments from the young business at the start. No need to buy goods in your warehouse, organize storage, pay employees, it is easy to protect yourself from failure. Saving money, time and nerves make dropshipping a universal means of making money with a huge number of advantages over other options.

It is better to talk specifically about the large-sized categories of goods. Enlisted in this category can be all large and bulky: cabinets, sofas, beds, garden furniture, tables, chairs, and more. This category is chosen for one simple reason: the demand for such furniture is relatively constant and stable, with only minor fluctuations.

Expensive delivery

Working on the dropshipping model to get a good amount of revenue, you must first cover a good audience. Through the use of advertising, it is easy to reach the right audience. There are even a lot of customers who are willing to buy a large-size product. But what discourages them from buying is the cost of delivery, which can be as much as 40% of the cost of the product itself.

Customers at such a price of delivery made no sense to buy because they really came out cheaper to go to the nearest store and buy a large-size product which is available immediately and will deliver for free (or for a minimum amount) immediately home.

Non-uniqueness of the product

As you can easily guess, selling unique products is always more effective and profitable than selling something that is everywhere and everywhere else.

If the uniqueness of the product is high, and especially if you can make it according to the individual wishes of the client, he or she will be ready to endure manufacturing time, cost of delivery, and, in principle, anything.

If your product is similar to that sold in many offline stores, then there is a high probability that the customer will go to buy furniture there, rather than order the same large-size product in the online store.

Lack of physical stores and showrooms

Face the problem of delivery, you may realize that without reducing the cost of this service, you have no chance to sell across the country. You may decide to sell large-size products for one specific area of the region from a supplier that was located in the same area.

As a result, you will get a new problem: about 50% of people will refuse to buy because of the impossibility of going to your store/showroom. The client wants to “feel”, understand the quality of the material, to make sure that you are a real company.


Although this problem is not a key and is fairly critical. But we must indicate that it happens that the product customers really liked the product, they are delighted with it, but they need it today, tomorrow, or at most the day after tomorrow.

In this case, they are ready to buy your large-sized good, if only there was availability. And, as a rule, large-sized goods in stock from a supplier you will not get working on dropshipping.

Low margin

It’s simple: money solves 90% of your problems in life and in business. Having a high margin would solve the key issues: for people to pay part of the cost of delivery or even pay it in full. But, you will have a margin of only 15-20%, which did not allow you to pay even partially for delivery.

Can something solve these problems?

If your dropshipping store is based on WordPress, you can use our Ali2Woo plugin. It can help you solve the 3 problems above listed. Ali2Woo can fulfill and track orders automatically, import AliExpress prices in different currencies, import only products with the fastest delivery time, and create pricing rules. These functions will make it easier for you to work with large-sized products.

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