Tips that help make money on dropshipping in 2022

Tips that help make money on dropshipping

At Ali2Woo, you can buy dropshipping store at a favorable price. We will create for you a perfect dropshipping store that will ease your AliExpress dropshipping. In such a way, you will save your time and efforts while our manager will take care of everything instead of you. Of course, you can create dropshipping store on your own, so we decided to help you with tips that will warn you against mistakes:

  • Do not register LLC. Because even if there is no profit, you will have to pay taxes. Try to develop a dropshipping business with no obligation
  • To get earnings competently choose the subject of trade, its relevance. When selling Chinese goods, the size of the markup from 75%. Items for children, for example, always have demand, at any time of year.
  • Calculate all the costs of the client, who will not be profitable to buy the product, if the delivery costs exceed the price of a regular store. Perhaps it is better at the expense of reduced profits to make delivery free and attract customers.
  • Do not buy a base of suppliers, if you are not sure of the result, as a rule, it is simply collected from Internet contacts.
  • To determine the demand enter the name of the product in Google and see the number of requests. Note that demand and inquiries will increase during the holiday season. For example, before the New Year for sweets and toys. Some items are often bought on emotion.
  • The more popular the product, the more competition and harder to promote. The clearest example, Korean cosmetics. In a saturated market, the customer is fastidious and the size of the markup is greatly reduced in order to somehow maintain the turnover and promote the store.
  • Build a strong system of sales in your online store – quality photos and detailed descriptions, product comparison function, an overview of products on sale and professional articles on the subject. The buyer should understand that he or she is buying in a specialized store with professional consultants.
  • When choosing a supplier, make a table with the criteria and analyze at least 5 companies according to them to determine the suppliers that best meet them.
  • Avoid unnecessary intermediaries. The “longer” the path of goods to the client, the lower the markup, but the greater the risk of getting goods of inadequate quality or with a large violation of terms.
  • Set the most attractive price for the customer. Do not chase the markup, the seller with good sales suppliers make discounts, bonuses, gifts.

If you want an example of a working business, join our project. To do this you need to buy a plugin or order a store and we will show you examples of successful dropshipping websites.

Dropshipping is an opportunity to try yourself in the trade without risks and investments, so if you have not had this practice, definitely do not miss the opportunity to honestly say I tried everything and chose the best.


Cooperation on the dropshipping model allows you to create a business with minimal costs, and the supplier saves on advertising and increases sales. Be sure to order a few items to test the quality and speed of service before deciding to set up the store, research the demand for products, and compare prices in the market. A reliable supplier or manufacturer is only 50% of the success in developing a store because the guarantee of success will only be the full dedication and abilities of its owner.

Our Ali2Woo dropshipping plugin can enrich your dropshipping website with its functionality. It is an easy to install dropshipping WordPress plugin that offers product customization, keeps your inventory updated, and provides price automation. It also offers integration with AliExpress affiliate and dropship and product reviews so you can engage with your customers better.

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