How to choose a product that will sell well

How to choose a product that will sell well

It’s not easy for novice dropshippers to test hypotheses about what dropshipping products will sell well and allow the business to grow multiples. Testing with “combat” is a direct monetary risk. And the results obtained on a small volume of sales are not always reliable or scalable. There are some things that allow you to test hypotheses and find working ones faster. There is even a special algorithm for finding promising products. First of all, you should pay attention to the price of the product and its size.

Price of the product

Let’s start with the basic rules. The optimal price range of goods to start is $20-80 (including VAT). If the price is less, the cost of logistics will eat up all the margin, more – will require significant investment in procurement.

Tip. Customers like discounts, so when estimating the margin of the goods, lay the possibility to reduce the price during their promotions, and thus remain in profit. To correctly predict the cost of promotions, study the size of discounts offered by competitors on similar products.

Size of the product

It’s best to start with goods of small size and weight: up to 50 cm on each side and weighing no more than 1-1,5 kg – they are easy to transport. Most goods sold online fall within these parameters, which means that many logistics companies will be able to find suitable packaging, ensure quality and fast transportation.

What dropshipping products should be avoided?

  • Those that complicate logistics: fragile, with batteries and strong magnets – during delivery there may be unexpected trouble, which at the start of the business is certainly not necessary.
  • Those that may violate someone else’s copyright, such as copies of IKEA shark or require special certification: food, jewelry, etc.
  • Goods with a large number of variations (many colors and sizes of each item) – it is difficult to predict the demand for specific sizes and colors.
  • Seasonal products: short bursts of demand are not the best way to test hypotheses.
  • Custom-made goods, such as furniture, do not allow you to quickly test hypotheses on a large number of customers.

What are the best categories of products for dropshipping business?

The best categories for starting dropshipping business are those that people are already used to buying online. Here are the categories that are already in stable demand online:

  • Hobbies and creativity.
  • Automotive goods and accessories.
  • Goods for mothers and children.
  • Health and beauty.
  • Photo and video cameras and accessories.
  • Electronics.
  • Goods for home and kitchen, garden, and summer cottages.
  • Musical instruments.
  • Office supplies.
  • Pet products and accessories.
  • Goods for sports.
  • Goods for tourism.

In categories where dropshippers are actively competing to sell the same product (electronics/home appliances/popular books/others), comparing data from several websites will help you find free dropshipping products.

How to import the best dropshipping products?

It is impractical and time-consuming to import goods manually. Ali2Woo can help with this – it is a professional dropshipping plugin for WP websites. Best dropshipping products can easily be imported from as well as automatically synchronized with your supplier’s inventory.

Ali2Woo dropshipping plugin has wide functionality – with it you can sell products using AliExpress Affiliate Key, import AliExpress prices in different currencies and edit your product details as you wish. At the same time, our Free Chrome extension lets you import products while browsing AliExpress without hassle.

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