3 most successful dropshipping store examples

3 most successful dropshipping store examples min

Starting a dropshipping store isn’t just about creating a business plan and developing a marketing strategy, it’s also about finding the motivation to work constantly on making your store better. But where to look for inspiration to keep working in an extremely competitive business environment?

The best way to prove your dropshipping dreams might come true is to look at the stories of some of the most successful participants. Here we have short descriptions of 3 of them.

Notebook Therapy

Notebook Therapy is an online dropshipping store specialized in selling Japanese and Korean stationery. It appeals to huge audiences thanks to simple and convenient navigation and pleasant-looking hues of the website pages design. What makes this store popular is a huge focus on social media marketing. They have around 1.5 million followers on their Instagram and a very informative blog on the website. Plus, the shop offers free tracking and shipping on all orders, which makes it more attractive from a financial point of view.

Oddity Mall

This website became thriving thanks to its unique concept. Oddity Mall is an online dropshipping store where people from over the world can buy strange and wacky gifts. Their products are completely unique and they are perfect for those who are sick of presenting the same stuff to their nearest and dearest. Although the gifts are odd, the navigation is common and very simple. Finally, the store promotes its goods via social media. It has over 3 million Facebook followers who generate incredible live traffic every month.

Dog Pawty

Everything related to dog grooming might be found on Dog Pawty. The thing is that this website offers something more than ordinary things you can find in an average pet store. It displays many unique-looking and luxury merchandise. The store also works on developing its social media. Sometimes it posts videos that quickly become viral and help it significantly increase its monthly traffic in a natural way.

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