Unusual dropshipping ideas from Aliexpress

unusual dropshipping ideas from aliexpress

Choose items for sale wisely and with your heart. Only such an approach can bring you success. To help you with your dropshipping business, we have prepared for you dropshipping ideas from AliExpress. But also take into account you shouldn’t sell:

  • Potentially dangerous products that can be problematic, both legally and in terms of promotion. Popular social networks do not allow advertising for cigarettes, medications, nutritional supplements, weapons, and hacking software. There are also issues with adult merchandise. Read the advertising terms and conditions for each specific website.
  • Fragile goods. After all, they need to be delivered in one piece, and any damage will cause buyer dissatisfaction. Also avoid heavy and bulky items: their delivery is more expensive.
  • Technically complex items. First, they are difficult to make a short and clear description – buyers may not understand what they are for. Such products do not always come with instructions in the right language. It happens that the supplier forgets to add a small but important detail, and the product cannot be used as intended.
  • Things from the “expectation-reality” category. Low-quality clothes, especially frank outfits or tight dresses that do not look on the models in the same way as on the customers. The result – disappointed customers.
  • Trends from past seasons. Just because thousands of dropshipping store owners went bankrupt yesterday at the expense of spinners, it doesn’t mean that this product is worth selling today. Keep up with the times! 
  • Fakes of well-known brands. You know: this can lead to a loss of customer loyalty and problems with the law. Carefully check suppliers who offer branded goods at suspiciously low prices.

Dropshipping ideas from Aliexpress for 2021

You don’t have to do everything yourself! We’ve scoured dropshipping ideas from Aliexpress for 2021 and compiled a list of items that you’re sure to be able to sell profitably in your dropshipping store:

  • Intelligent and educational toys for kids. They are easy to target, they solve the problem (what would occupy the child?). And you can also focus on environmental friendliness if they are wooden toys.  
  • Facial masks – and not just any, but high-tech, such as LED for skin rejuvenation. This is a useful product with a wow-effect, which has no seasonality and which will come in handy in a pandemic when not every lady decides to visit beauty salons.
  • Fitness trackers and smartwatches. Again, the emphasis is on the fact that people spend more time at home, but also want to keep an eye on themselves. 
  • Earphones with good noise isolation. Many people now work from home where cats purring and children talking loudly. This also includes products for the home office: laptop stands, desk lamps, stationery, organizers, shelves, and racks.
  • People care more and more about ecology. Solar-powered toys for children, kitchen accessories made of eco-friendly materials, eco-friendly household products, reusable containers, and shoppers are in trend.
  • Goods for animals is always a relevant niche. Toys and sleepers for pets, LED collars, mats, grooming gadgets (pay special attention to them, the number of requests is growing).
  • Posture correctors – that’s what newly minted remote workers, who have not yet had time to get comfortable chairs, dream about. This product is always in demand.
  • AliExpress recommends selling an unexpected, but cool product: 3D wallpapers which are glued to the walls. They have a lot of advantages: ease of use, lack of seasonality, inexpensive price. They are bought in large quantities at once, they are suitable for DIY enthusiasts and those who want to effortlessly diversify the interior of the home.

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