Amazon vs eBay vs AliExpress dropshipping – what to choose?

Amazon vs ebay vs aliexpress dropshipping what to choose

So, you have decided to sell goods by dropshipping, but you still have little understanding of how eBay and AliExpress are better than Amazon. Here’s your answer: on eBay and AliExpress come for the price, and Amazon – for quality. Moreover, dropshipping from Amazon is more difficult than from eBay and AliExpress. This dropshipping platform isn’t recommended for inexperienced entrepreneurs.

So, eBay vs AliExpress vs Amazon – what dropshipping platform to choose?

Amazon vs eBay vs AliExpress dropshipping: traffic

Customer traffic on Amazon is lower than on eBay and AliExpress. The total number of eBay customers is 167 million, while AliExpress – 188 million. At the same time, 153 million people visit Amazon. This is 35 million lower than the total number of AliExpress customers.

Amazon vs eBay vs AliExpress dropshipping: reliability

One of the reasons why more or less wealthy customers avoid eBay is the unreliability of a large number of sellers. But the security system of eBay would be the envy of any president’s escort team in the world. If any of the sellers will make the slightest mistake in the listing, ignores a customer’s messages, or is late with the shipment, he or she will be immediately taken “into account” by administrators, and later – blocked.

Amazon vs eBay vs AliExpress dropshipping: transparency of the spending system

The winner is undoubtedly AliExpress. Here you already have a clear amount to pay the supplier, you know what commission will take the trading platform, and you can calculate the amount of profit.

On Amazon, you do not know how much you will earn. For example, the profit from the sale of a unique vase can be commensurate with the cost of your apartment. At the same time, mass-produced goods are unlikely to bring you a lot of money. In any case, you never know.

Amazon vs eBay vs AliExpress dropshipping: price

Back to the question of price. In terms of competition, the prices on eBay and AliExpress are a sad thing, but in terms of cheapness, the prices on eBay and AliExpress are a happy thing.

Expensive on eBay and AliExpress are only watches, but otherwise – goods on Amazon are many times more expensive than on eBay and AliExpress. Here eBay and AliExpress are also ahead.


The online marketplaces Amazon, eBay and AliExpress now have the largest turnover of goods, attracting people from all over the world. Dropshipping eBay or AliExpress is easier, more profitable, and more versatile than dropshipping on Amazon. That’s why it’s recommended for new entrepreneurs to start on AliExpress and eBay. 

Special dropshipping apps, such as our Ali2Woo, make it much easier to run a dropshipping business. The Ali2Woo plugin makes it possible to import any product from any supplier. There are no limitations on the number of sellers who can add products from. When you purchase the Ali2Woo plugin on CodeCanyon, it allows you to import unlimited products from AliExpress.

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