Dropshipping Advanced: Level Up!

Dropshipping advanced level up

What can bring your dropshipping store up to the advanced level? After having read a certain amount of articles on the topic “Dropshipping: how to start“, sooner or later, after you start, you face the real challenges and routine everyday tasks where you need help. The better you cope with them, the sooner you get even, and then get rich.

But it is not easy at all and takes a lot of your time. In the beginning, you get a lot of stress before you feel more or less confident. There are many reasons: all the situations are new to you, you are setting priorities, you may be making mistypes, and you have to be reserved, calm, polite, and professional.

Ali2Woo and eBay2Woo plugin powers: Go Pro!

When your family and friends ask you: “What is dropshipping?” – you can explain them in simple words. If you ask us: “What will Ali2Woo dropshipping plugin do for me? How does it save my time and effort? How exactly will it help me focus on promos, adjusting ad campaigns on Facebook, and choosing reliable suppliers and new trending goods?” – we will name just a few cases where our plugin takes care of your reputation, letting you focus on the key problems. For example:

  1. Quantity/availability changes: the seller changes the price or availability (quantity) of products in stock. It may be a very unpleasant surprise when you receive and place an order without having been warned about the changes. Solution: Ali2Woo plugin tracks this 24/7 and sends you an automated email notification so that you can react quickly: if the product is out of stock, you may leave it “Active” on your website; but you can and should start searching for an alternative supplier of the product right away so that if an order is received for the product, you could process it immediately.
  2. Pricing changes: again, they are no longer a surprise and no longer a problem with our plugins. Ali2Woo warns you by email and you react promptly – forewarned is forearmed: if the prices of goods have changed, you can quickly go into the plugin and change the Pricing Rules for products so that they correspond to reality and they have a mark-up that the business owner wants.
  3. Both plugins allow you to set different prices for a product, depending on the wholesale price: which range it falls into. There are different mark-ups for different ranges. The mark-up can be added either to the regular price or to the sale price.

This is just a small part of their functionality. There are more tasks in the dropshipping guide that our plugins perform, lifting your store to a brand new level. Go Pro!

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