Here Are Common Mistakes of Shopify Dropshipping

Here are common mistakes of shopify dropshipping min

It would be naive to call dropshipping a fault-free affair. Entrepreneurs make mistakes, just like every other businessman does — and forewarned means forearmed. That’s why it’s time to speedrun through dropshipping on Shopify, and the common missteps you need to avoid.

Here’s what you have to know about this platform:

  • Shopify is an eCommerce platform for building online stores. It’s frequently used by dropshippers, including those working with AliExpress.
  • It has numerous ready-made decisions, including apps, tools, plugins, apps, and so on. 

Shopify mistakes and how to fix them

Mistake 1: You forget about the fees.

Shopify is pricey. With a business like dropshipping you usually want to tame your expenses as much as possible. But Shopify charges you $29-$200 every month, depending on the plan. It does give you 14 days of the free trial, but that’s essentially it. They don’t have a free plan, nor do they plan to introduce one. 

How to fix it: Either factor Shopify’s fees in your store’s monthly budget, or switch platforms. Dropshipping with WooCommerce — a.k.a. building a store on WordPress — is much more affordable since the CMS is open source and free. 

Any additional costs you might want to include will also be significantly cheaper than Shopify alternatives. The quality? Superb and competitive. 

Mistake 2: You do everything manually

The point of eCommerce is to run a business with as little hassle as possible. And we get it: you might be anxious about stripping your customers of the “human touch” experience. Or you just have launched and still don’t have that many orders. 

But believe us when we say: users these days will be more suspicious of a business owner that doesn’t rely on contemporary wonders of software. 

How to fix it. Shopify offers numerous applications that automate essential processes: product import, order fulfillment, pricing, charging, and more. However, the best Shopify plugins for these tasks will cost you around $20 per month each. Each application has its own team of developers, so you’ll have to resolve issues separately. 

Alternatively, you can migrate your Shopify store to WordPress and use plugins like Ali2Woo or eBay2Woo. This software, created by one team of developers, already includes the most important features for automation and synchronization. You also pay for it just once, when purchasing. 

Mistake 3. Using Shopify in general

Seriously, we get it. Dropshipping on Shopify has some perks that may feel nice. There’s the reason this brand is the most popular eCommerce platform in the world. The thing is, it works better for classic business models like wholesale. 

Shopify simply isn’t a dropshipping-friendly choice due to the sheer expensiveness it. WooCommerce gives you the same and more for less. So it’s probably time to migrate. 

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