Ali2Woo plugin release 1.5.1

new ali2woo plugin release 1.5.1

Today we would like to announce about a Ali2Woo plugin new release. The release includes new features, a lot of bug fixes and code improvements. If you want to get the update or purchase the plugin, here is a link to plugin CodeCanyon page.

New features

  • Added a Built-In Image Editor to edit product images on the Import List page, product Edit page and in the WordPress Media library
  • Added a feature to convert the AliExpress order details characters to Latin alphabet (transliteration option in Ali2Woo settings)
  • Added a new “Third name field” option in the plugin setting that enables this field on WooCommerce checkout page and allows to use it during an order-fulfillment process on AliExpress.
  • Added a shipping cost calculation to the Import List
  • Added a feature to add several AliExpress order IDs to the WooCommerce order (because sometime one WooCommerce order match to several AliExpress ones)
  • Added the Profit column to the Import List (Profit = your calculated price – original price on AliExpress – shipping cost)
  • Add a “Add all to import list” button on the Search Products page
  • Added a feature to move/copy images from product description to the gallery, and vice versa.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a review sync bug related with changes on AliExpress side
  • Fixed a bug related with reviews cache in WordPress
  • Fixed a tracking code bug when it had a value containing space char
  • Fixed a bug in Order fulfillment module, sometime It caused the empty state (region) on AliExpress checkout page
  • Fixed a the cart-item title bug, the title appeared twice on the cart and mini-cart pages
  • Fixed minor bugs

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