How to transliterate order details to English?

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Some stores get orders from foreign customers. The orders details may contain non-Latin characters. Meaning Cyrillic, Chinese, Arabic and etc. In fact users prefer their native language when it comes to filling personal details (first name, last name, address and etc).

Probably store owner doesn’t feel any problem here, since website can work with all characters. But AliExpress is more strict. Its order checkout process “understands” Latin characters only. So everything should be transliterated to Latin before order fulfillment stage.

aliexpresst ransliteration

How to enable transliteration in Ali2Woo?

Ali2Woo includes transliteration feature. It will be applied automatically to all WooCommerce orders. You can activate the feature on Ali2Woo settings > Common Settings page. Just tick Trasnliteration checkbox and save the changes.

ali2woo transliteration

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