Tracking of Aliexpress shipping

Tracking of aliexpress shipping min

To ensure that your dropshipping store will work efficiently, provide convenient service for your customers and bring sufficient profits, you need to solve several organizational questions. These include defining prices and shipment methods, creating a catalog that buyers can easily use, promoting your store, and giving customers all the necessary information. All these issues can be solved with one plugin called Ali2Woo. It allows you to develop your online store, connecting your customers with multiple sellers from AliExpress. The settings of the plugin can be adjusted according to all your requests and needs, to make your online shop attractive for clients. 

A truly important fact for any online shop owner is the fact that customers pay attention to the availability of order tracking. If such a feature exists in a particular case or not, depends on what Aliexpress seller’s shipping method tracking was used. In other words, tracking options can vary depending on what seller and what shipping method was used. Sometimes the detailed tracking is available only when the order arrives in the destination country, and sometimes, if it is possible, the movement of the packages through China can be followed as well. In this article, you will learn how to set up dropshipping track order and what options are available for your store. 

How to manage Aliexpress orders?

The availability of various tracking options is defined by the choice of the shipping method. The best option is ePacket because it is trackable on the whole route from the supplier in China to the destination point. Although some inaccuracies can happen, often it allows the buyer to get distinct data about the current whereabouts of the package. If you use the Ali2Woo plugin for Aliexpress, managing orders gets easier for this part: you can filter products by ePacket, so your clients choose only from the goods with the best delivery method available. 

Another important thing to know is the method of getting information about the order status. All you need is to get an AliExpress shipping tracking number. To do it manually, you need open the information about the purchase on the AliExpress website. If it was an order for the dropshipping store, there is an additional task: to give this information to the customer. Then they can enter it on AliExpress or package tracking website to find out the desired information.

Initially, this may work, but if you attract more customers, getting new orders and scaling your business up, sending tracking numbers to customers manually will take too much time. Dropshipping plugins allow automating this task. If you use them, you require just a couple of clicks to get the necessary tracking information and redirect it to your customers. 

The same principle works for other marketplaces. If your store operates via dropshipping from eBay, the plugin will help you conveniently get eBay dropshipping tracking number, so you can provide full information about the order to your customers. 

Using a plugin for AliExpress dropshipping tracking

Using effective tools for tracking your dropshipping order tracking is especially important when your business starts to grow because managing the increasing amount of orders manually is nearly impossible.

If you need a fast Aliexpress dropshipping plugin for WordPresstry Ali2Woo. It is compatible the most Woo themes and can be customized for e-commerce websites with various sizes, niches, and target audiences. Among its many useful features, there is one that is important to mention here – automatic syncing with AliExpress. Right after the order was sent by the supplier, it gets the tracking number, which is automatically synced to your website via the plugin. All of its status updates automatically get to your store as well, so the customer always gets all the necessary information.

Note, that the Ali2Woo plugin offers different options for working with dropship tracking numberIf you are dealing with lots of items and orders, use automatic syncing to update information about all of them at once. In this case, you do not need to monitor each order individually, as the system does this for you.

At the same time, an option to do Aliexpress dropshipping tracking manually exists as well. In some cases, you may need to edit order details, for example, input one or several tracking numbers for particular items within an order. This way, you can change and Order ID and tracking number, for example, if you need to correct some mistake.

Dropshipping order tracking and status updates

Another useful idea to consider when you are dealing with order tracking for your clients is creating scripts for different order statuses. You may want to notify the client, when their order was shipped or when it arrives at its destination. It can be done with various methods. Customers may get updates about their order via email or on a special page of your store website. Ali2Woo plugin gives an opportunity to choose between various options and adjust them to build the best experience for your clients. 

You can see that when organized properly and provided with tracking number, dropshipping is convenient both for seller and customer. The seller doesn’t need to worry about checking the order status or finding its number manually, and the buyer gets up-to-date information about the delivery status and its whereabouts. Knowing the tracking number also helps, if some problem arises, for example, if the package is lost or its delivery is delayed. Order tracking helps to find out, at which stage the problem happened, and work out the appropriate solution, for example, getting a refund or reselling the item.

In this case, it could be also useful to prepare scripts for various conflict situations in advance. If you have some plans of what to do when the delivery is delayed, the customer is unhappy with their purchase and wants to file a complaint or return an item, you can deal with such cases easily. Tracking an actual order status is an important part of the task.

Why knowing dropshipping tracking number is important?

From what was said, you can see, that knowing dropshipping tracking number is important for your e-commerce website to function smoothly. By syncing order status information from AliExpress, you will provide your customers with important information about your orders, making using your shop more convenient for them. Moreover, if you give your clients clear and up-to-date information about their purchase and its status, it helps to build trust and make your offers more attractive for them.

The easiest way to operate your dropshipping store is to choose proper AliExpress sellers shipping method tracking. It is recommended to choose sellers who offer ePacket delivery within a guaranteed timeframe. With Ali2Woo you can filter, what products are represented in your catalog, offering to your clients only those with the best delivery time and tracking options. This way, you lower the chance of complaints or delayed deliveries, keeping your customers loyal and happy. In addition, automatic syncing, along with other options, will make managing your store easier and will help to gain profit from it.

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