Designer tips for a dropshipping store

Designer tips for a dropshipping store min

When potential customers approach your dropshipping website, the products aren’t the first things that grab their attention. The first thing users see is how your web store is designed. Here we have top 5 tips that will be useful when designing a dropshipping store.

Design must correspond to products

First of all, make sure the design of your website is in harmony with the goods displayed. It’s vital to understand that the chosen niche must be highlighted by all the possible means. Design is one of them. If you, for example, sell goods for kids, you cannot make your website look like you are selling creepy things for Halloween or other unrelated stuff. When a user approaches your site, he or she must understand what she will be dealing with at the very first glimpse.

Emphasize shipping rates

When you start dropshipping, you realize why customers pay so much attention to the delivery costs – they try to save as much as possible on online shopping. If you offer free shipping, you need somehow to emphasize it by using the design features. You may create different buttons encouraging users to “Click here and make an order with free shipping”, or something of this sort. Even if you don’t offer free shipping, try to emphasize that your store offers more budget-friendly offers. This is relevant not only for shipping, but for other services you are going to provide. Make sure your users will become aware of them.

Work on a shopping cart

A shopping cart must be designed in a way to make adding and removing products as simple as possible. It should provide users with the possibility to manage their orders the way they like. It should have a “continue shopping” button, for example, so that they can change or add items to the cart. One more necessary button is “place an order”. But it shouldn’t be too large in order not to bother users whenever they want to add or remove products from a cart.

Pay attention to user experience

If you want to increase sales, you need to make the users come back to your web store again and again. Low prices aren’t the only things that attract them. Online customers want to be guaranteed to have a good user experience. This means they don’t feel any difficulties or inconveniences when scrolling for products on your website. Design clear and simple navigation, and don’t forget to provide the possibility to easily explore things on the website.

Security comes first

When purchasing products online, people want to be sure they won’t be scammed. The only way you can assure them of this is to provide a high security level by implementing different means. SSL certification is one of the most popular methods to enhance security levels. It’s not quite difficult to add this feature to your website, but the result will be worth working for. The more safe your website is, the higher chance to increase sales you have.

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