How To Make Money With Dropshipping Lingerie in 2022

Lingerie dropshipping

Lingerie belongs to the list of evergreen niches, along with many other types of clothing. The demand for underwear and lingerie never ceases, which means, that you will have a never-ending stream of customers, which makes lingerie dropshipping a stable source of profits, no matter how seasons and trends change. At the same time, it is useful to stay in the know about the fashion to make your offers the most appealing to the customers. 

While you can successfully dropship intimates at any time of the year, to improve the performance of your store you should consider several dates, that require special attention. Often people buy underwear as a gift for a loved one, and this is the reason you should consider creating special offers for Valentine’s Day and New Year. Often such goods are also acquired for personally important days, such as wedding day or its anniversary. Use it as an opportunity and offer discounts or other benefits to attract customers and make your characters more appealing to them. 

This niche offers multiple opportunities for organizing the inventory of your store. You can concentrate on a certain category and find relevant dropship lingerie suppliers, or add other accompanying goods, such as perfume, fragrances, body wash, or some intimate products. 

In general, dropshipping lingerie is more beneficial, than establishing a traditional online store. Dropshipping involves less risk for you as a seller, as you do not need to spend significant sums of money to buy items in bulk and store them somewhere. When dropshipping, you pay for certain items, after the customer has placed an order for them. This way, you minimize your risk of buying something which is not in demand, which is especially important as there is a wide range of various colors and designs on the market. 

The largest market of lingerie exists in North America in Europe. But the most significant suppliers are situated in China and some other Eastern countries. This means, that by using AliExpress lingerie dropshipping, you will be able to provide your customers with a wider choice. Try to make your store inventory more diverse, while picking intimate apparel wholesale suppliers and items from AliExpress, for example, try to dropship plus size lingerie. Offer different natural and synthetic materials, from cotton and leather to polyester and latex, so a customer can find something that suits their tastes and preferences. Use this knowledge to your advantage, when deciding, how to start lingerie business.

Therefore, here are several reasons that ensure positive answer to the question, is lingerie good for dropshipping or not, besides the steady demand we have already mentioned above:

  • The wide range of categories, styles, and types of intimate goods allows appealing to a wide audience. It is up to you if you will try to work with the multitude of audience segments or concentrate on one of them. You can also focus on a certain brand, such as elegant moments dropshipping. 
  • Low prices. Dropshipping allows you to buy lingerie for cheap prices from various suppliers, for example, with AliExpress or eBay dropshipping. Consequently, you can set lower prices, making your store more attractive to customers. 
  • Privacy concerns. More and more customers choose online stores over brick-and-mortar ones for buying lingerie because they want to protect their privacy. Online stores provide the same or wider choice without the embarrassment or the risk of disclosing buying intimate products to other people. Taking this into account, pay special attention to the package or give users an option to choose a packaging that does not reveals what is inside. 
  • Expansion opportunities. After establishing your online lingerie dropshipping store, you will be able to expand your business by adding other adjacent categories. You can also always bring more variety to existing categories, for example, explore new colors and patterns, or add plus size lingerie wholesale alongside with more common sizes. 
  • The low initial time and money investment. You do not need to invest much to start your lingerie dropshipping business. There are lots of ready-to-launch solutions and plugins, which minimize your efforts on launch. This allows you to develop your store alongside your regular job, using it as an additional source of profit. 

What products to sell?

Depending on what types of lingerie you prefer to concentrate on, the choice of items can be different. Here are some ideas lingerie dropshipping companies should consider first. Explore the opportunities to upsell, combine these items in various ways and build a certain concept of your store, so your customers know what to expect, so they will return for more purchases and recommend your store to their friends or family. The list of the most popular underwear products for 2022. 

  • Bra and panty sets. Many women want to buy bras and panties of matching colors and styles. This is the easiest solution for this task. Offer a wide range of sizes of colors from different bra designers and manufacturers. Do not forget to provide detailed information about size differences and take the right measurements to minimize the probability of complaints. 
  • Babydolls. This is a stylish type of sleepwear, popular among many women. Usually, they are made of semi-transparent cloth and decorated with lace. 
  • Teddy. This type of lingerie is for those, who want to wear something more open and provoking, than the previous item. They cover only a small area of the body, highlighting the most appealing curves with laces and patterns. 
  • Bralettes are similar to casual bras but have more decorations and laces in their designs. One more distinctive feature of this type of lingerie is thin interweaving straps, which allow them to be worn even with open-shoulder dresses. 
  • Corsets and waist shapers are for those, who want to look slimmer. They straighten the belly and the back, giving a person wearing them a more attractive and harmonious look. The corsets made from quality cloth are comfortable, despite the compression they provide. 
  • Brassieres. Alongside with bra and panty sets mentioned above as one of the most tradeable items, you can also offer other variations of brassieres. To suit the preferences of women with various tastes, add models with push-up effect or without it, with lace or with clean edges, and pay attention to the variety of cup sizes. Do not restrict yourself to traditional colors, such as black, white, and beige. Offer more bright and colorful options, as they are currently gaining some traction, and dropship bra sets for those how wants to buy several items for a cheaper price.
  • Thongs are rightfully considered one of the sexiest types of lingerie. As with previous items, find out, what sizes and colors are the most popular and add them to your inventory using a plugin of your choice. 
  • Active bras are for those women, who want to feel comfortable while doing sports. They are usually tighter, do not have laces or other decorative elements, and provide better support. Offer sports bras, that are comfortable and pleasing to look at, and you will win the sympathy of your audience. 
  • Nightgowns and pajamas. You may offer them separately or with matching sets of bras and panties. There are various types of sleepwear, from sexy clothing sets that life more areas open, to comfy warm pajamas made of cotton and fleece. 
  • Garters are straps that combine functionality with aesthetic value. Historically, they were used for supporting other elements of lingerie, such as stockings, but now they have a mostly decorative purpose. 
  • Long johns and thermal underwear. This option is relevant for countries with cold climates and is offered by many lingerie vendors. Thermal underwear is made from a mix of synthetic and natural materials that help to stay warm while removing sweat and moisture. Thermal underwear is often bought by those who prefer an active lifestyle, so you can offer it to those who are looking for an active bra. Moreover, offer them during the cold season, when it is the most relevant. 

Important advice about dropshipping lingerie

As with any other niche, you should take its specific into account to develop your eCommerce project most efficiently. To do that, it is necessary to understand the differences between underwear dropshipping and other types of clothes:

  • With other types of clothing, people can sometimes bear with the fact that it does not fit perfectly. For lingerie, the requirements are stricter. If it has the wrong size, it can be very annoying, so customers will want it to fit perfectly. Try to dropship custom underwear as well, to take individual preferences into account. 
  • Considering that, you have to give your customers detailed information about sizes and measurements. Things can get especially complicated when it is about bras and corsets. If possible, give visual guides on defining your size and taking the right measurements. If you ship to customers in various countries, do not forget the differences in size definitions, when you dropship mens underwear or women’s lingerie. The system in the US, China, and Europe vary, so the customers should be able to use size definitions that are convenient to them. 
  • Choose suppliers wisely and do everything you can to avoid product returns. With other items, such as gadgets or interior decorations, returned items can be resold to someone else, but this is hardly possible with underwear. 
  • Use Google Trends to find out, what products are currently on the rise, and which maintain stable popularity. When you are just beginning to develop your dropshipping store, do not try to chase every short-term trend. Initially, it is better to concentrate on evergreen options to build a solid base, and only then start experimenting. 

By following the advice mentioned above, you will be able to create and develop a profitable underwear dropshipping store. This niche remains popular regardless of season or current fashion trends, which makes it a reliable source of profit. You can choose to establish a dropshipping store, dedicated specifically to it, or make it part of your business, for example, if you sell clothes or other products for women. In any case, this guide will help you to find the right items to start your dropshipping business.

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