5 eBay Dropshipping Secrets Everyone Wants To Learn

5 ebay dropshipping secrets everyone wants to learn min

If you do not have your own production, start with eBay dropshipping. It allows you to offer customers hundreds and thousands of goods that are actually in the manufacturer’s warehouse, and you only act as an intermediary. In this case, your clients can be residents of almost any country in the world.

The usual model of dropshipping for eBay is when you register your own seller account on ebay and sell the products with your markup.

An alternative way is to upload products to your site, which has the WooCommerce plugin and our eBay2Woo plugin installed. Upload your products from eBay there, add your affiliate data to the settings of the plugin, and sell the products directly on your site receiving a commission from eBay. When a person clicks to buy on your site, he or she is redirected to eBay and finishes his or her purchase there. And you get your affiliate commission for bringing the person in.

What do you need to start dropshipping for eBay?

  • Create an online store (you can start with the help of our eBay2Woo plugin) and choose the product you will sell.
  • Buy a domain – from $10 a year, or even less with various discounts.
  • You can contact the seller in advance and offer to sell his or her product, asking for discounts – sometimes it is very profitable.
  • Connect to the site payment systems – bank cards and PayPal.
  • A budget for offers testing, so you can track how ad impressions work, changing the audience and products.

5 eBay dropshipping tips

  1. Don’t be afraid to work for a foreign audience, be brave. By the way, showing ads on Facebook to the whole world is cheaper than advertising only to the U.S. or Germany.
  2. Not only people from the U.S., but also Asians, Africans, and Middle Easterners can be your customers – they are willing to pay money, too. But you may have to deal with the fact that they will not be able to understand the methods of payment. This is why it is better to provide as many options for receiving payments as possible, including working with the crypto-payment systems.
  3. You can try to deliver goods to the third world, where you have no competition at all, and the traffic will cost pennies. Prices are better to indicate in U.S. dollars.
  4. It is not necessary to look in the direction of China in search of suppliers. You can take for dropshipping goods from India – buyers often choose them because they are cheaper than their foreign counterparts.
  5. Many people prefer to ask for prices in correspondence, and you have to be prepared to answer all questions. If the process is already set up, you can hire a manager who knows how to use Google translator for this purpose.

Dropshipping for eBay is a very profitable business today. With the help of our eBay2Woo plugin, you can import eBay products, let your customers choose from different colors, sizes, models, and other modifications of every product, edit the titles, descriptions, pictures & videos, and so on. eBay2Woo plugin is one of the best ways to start dropshipping for eBay.

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