Dropshipping Success Stories: Real People, Real Profit

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Examples are how we learn. And the best examples are always the ones with facts and figures. We have already covered 4 dropshipping success stories shared by online store owners. Time for the new first-hand accounts. 

Things to consider before diving in:

  • Some dropshipping titans are trained in business, and some have never really considered entrepreneurship before. Your degree, or the lack of it, doesn’t really matter.
  • What matters, however, is a proper understanding of dropshipping as a business model. Make sure you are aware of the nuances, pros, and risks.
  • It’s great to be inspired, but do not try to imitate the success stories to a T.  Mix them with your own unique strategy. Don’t forget to find a dropshipping niche that works best for you. 

Story #1. User u/DropshipRedditor in his AmA thread on r/IAmA

Dropshipping success story 1

Story #2.  A user on r/dropship replies in the thread “Is anyone making $5k+ monthly of profit with a dropshipping store?”

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Story #3. User u/escaping9to5 in their AmA on r/dropship. 

Dropshipping success story 3 581x1024

Story #4. User u/woojewjake replying to the r/dropship thread “Those who are successful at Dropshipping, what is it that differentiates from being a failure?”

Dropshipping success story 4

These are just a few cases of successful eCommerce businesses. And here are the common dropshipping tips accumulated from other thriving entrepreneurs’ stories:

  • Be honest with your customers to a certain degree. If the shipment is taking long (1-3 weeks,) be upfront about it. It’s a good thing to explain to the buyer that you work directly with the supplier to get the lowest possible price — hence the longer shipment. 
  • Use several types of ads: pictures, multiple-item videos, single-item videos. Don’t waste your effort on the voiceovers, however. Most Internet users have their audio turned off. Put on royalty-free tunes instead.
  • Testing is important. Don’t be afraid to run different types of low-price ads to test a new product, and then analyze the data  and weed out those that performed the best.
  • Facebook ads for retargeting can work magic.
  • Proofread everything on your store’s site. Nothing turns the potential customers off more than bad grammar. 
  • Visuals are incredibly important. Use high-quality images, distinctive fonts, and pleasant colors. 
  • Branding adds to trust. It doesn’t matter that you dropship products and manufacture them yourself. Develop a distinctive brand for your store, add a unique stance and selling proposition. Your message should be loud and clear for all potential customers. 
  • Stay within your niche, but constantly search for winning products. Add at least a couple of new ones per week. Eventually, your mind will be trained enough to spot the potentially hit items. 

If you’re ready to join the world of dropshipping business, start with WooCommerce. Here in Ali2Woo, we offer smooth and user-friendly software for dropshipping on AliExpress and eBay. We’re also happy to fully customize your online store. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have.

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