What You Need to Know About Dropshipping in 2021?

what you need to know about the possibilities of drop shipping

So, you decided to try dropshipping-2021. And, quite possibly, no matter what your plans are, you are probably also thinking if the whole ordeal is still worth it. The most common doubts and myths about dropshipping are:

  • It’s dead in 2021. 
  • It’s a scam. 
  • It’s not profitable. 
  • The competition is high. 
  • It’s tasking. 
  • The legality is murky. 

You’re not silly or overthinking for asking these questions. Every business involves risks, and it’s better to deal with uncertainties before you open your dropshipping store. 

Answering dropshipping FAQ

Before we begin, let’s deal with one of the common misconceptions: no, you can’t start a dropshipping business with zero investments. Yes, you don’t have to buy inventory in advance, rent a store, or hire a team. But you need to purchase a domain name for your online store, and also get a dropshipping plugin (which, by the way, is more affordable with WooCommerce.)

With that out of the way, time for the dropshipping FAQ and doubts:

  1. «It’s dead in 2021.» No, and why would it be? In the post-lockdown reality, people are more than ever eager to shop online. Dropshipping is alive because eCommerce is. In fact, it has seen a 7 percent global profit increase in 2021. 
  2. «It’s a scam.» If you waste your money on useless pseudo-gurus with their webinars or don’t verify your sellers, then, yes, there’s a risk of being duped. But dropshipping as a business model is inherently legit. And just like every other legit business model it gets infested with conmen. So stay vigilant, and it’ll be fine.
  3. «It’s not profitable.» Dropshipping simply won’t bring you thousands of dollars during the first month. Because, as with any new business, you will need to find your niche, win the trust of your customers, and get your store on display via promos. It requires work, which pays off if it is truly meticulous. Dropshippers who chose that path to earn six figures and more. 
  4. «The competition is high.» That’s why successful dropshippers find their niche from a getgo. If you rush to dropship the same Juul dupes, or smartwatches, like everyone else, you won’t stand out. Hundreds of dropshippers fail because they don’t know how to be both unique and in demand. Work on this, and you will have little to no competition. 
  5. «It’s tasking.» Everything we’ve said above and will be saying below can be summarized in one phrase: dropshipping means hard work and no slacking. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme — it’s your own business and brand. Treat it accordingly, and it will be rewarding. 
  6. «The legality is murky.» Dropshipping is perfectly legal everywhere, period. To the point that you actually don’t have to inform your supplier about dropshipping from their store. (However, it sometimes helps to do so — especially if dropship with AliExpress, where they have an affiliate program.) Just don’t forget to pay your taxes. 

As you can see, dropshipping-2021 is alive and kicking. You are more than welcome to read the rest of our blog for more tips on how to start your dropshipping business. See you soon — and don’t forget to check the Ali2Woo and eBay2Woo dropshipping plugins!

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