3 Ways to increase traffic and benefit from dropshipping free advertising

3 ways to get increase traffic and benefit from dropshipping free

Sales of your online store depend on its traffic. If you manage to increase it, you will have better chances to sell more products and gain more revenues. However, increasing traffic might be harmful to your budget. That is why it’s relevant to learn about dropshipping free advertising.

Getting free traffic is a budget-friendly option that will help to increase sales. Beginners make many mistakes because of their unawareness of this method. To prevent you from doing such mistakes, we represent top-3 ways to increase traffic on your webstore for free.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most effective ways to increase free traffic. If the content on your website is optimized for the search engine, it’s more likely that your store will be ranked higher in this search engine. Writing a Blog is the most common method for an online dropshipping store to optimize content. You just create a blog on your webstore and post different articles with keywords that are frequently searched.

Plus, you may post product reviews on your store. They will also help you increase free traffic from a search engine. We recommend you use our dropshipping plugin for AliExpress to import reviews on your products directly from AliExpress.

YouTube Channel

Creating a YouTube channel is one of the best ways to increase free traffic. Video content is more understandable for many potential clients. To encourage them to make purchases in your dropshipping store, you may post video reviews of your loyal customers. People like making decisions after watching such testimonials. You can also make video reviews of your products and attract users by creating special guides on specific topics related to the niche of your store. YouTube channel gives you a lot of opportunities – everything else depends on your creativity. 

Answering FAQs on Reddit Topics

Many online purchases cannot make their final decision on buying products in a certain online store because they cannot get clear answers to relevant questions. To solve this, they often start searching for answers on different forums and platforms such as Reddit. If you provide them with the necessary answers in a simple form, they will be more likely to trust your webstore and, at least, visit it to check out available offers.

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