Dropshipping with Banggood. Banggood advantages over AliExpress

This post is a text version of the video we post on our youtube channel. And here we’d like to highlight the advantages of the Banggood dropshipping platform over AliExpress.

First, a few words about the Banggood platform itself.

What is Banggood and how it differs from AliExpress?

Banggood.com is a Chinese retailer featuring products of various categories. Banggood has its own warehouses in Guangzhou China and operates a network of warehouses in Asia, Europe, Australia, and North America. They dispatch orders from these warehouses.

It is also worth mentioning that Banggood performs quality control before sending orders. Unlike AliExpress, where quality entirely depends on a seller.

With Aliexpress, you need to read the seller and product feedback carefully before placing your order. On the other hand, a multiplicity of sellers on AliExpress leads to high competition between them. Therefore, new AliExpress sellers, who have not yet earned a high rating, try to draw attention to their goods with low prices.

What risks in AliExpress dropshipping comparing Banggood?

Thus, a dropshipper has a chance to find goods on AliExpress at very attractive prices, but there are also several risks. Let’s just talk about them right now.

Tricky AliExpress sellers

When looking for a product on AliExpress, you can see multiple offers with the same images but different prices. AliExpress sellers are tricky, and the products they offer can be completely variable in terms of quality. Moreover, it may not be the product you expected at all. Or it may not be in stock.

Often, AliExpress sellers, in order to catch your attention, post a photo of a more expensive product and a lower price. In fact, when you go to a product page, you see that it’s not the product itself, but an accessory. It can also be fake, so you need to invest time in reviewing product reviews before placing an order. Some sellers also charge low and then send you an “out-of-stock” notification to get free credit from you. Of course, you’ll get your money back, but you’ll lose time waiting for a refund.

Banggood items have better quality

Since Banggood ships from their warehouses where they inspect for quality, you are guaranteed to get what you expect. It also makes their product catalog look cleaner. It contains only real products with valid characteristics. You can safely order any product without spending so much time checking suppliers, which is essential on AliExpress.

Dropship with Banggood and save your time

So, we’re getting to the core conclusion. As of today, dropshippers spend much less time searching for products on Banggood than on AliExpress.

That’s true, the average cost of goods on Banggood is slightly higher than on AliExpress. But, at the same time, you can still earn and, most importantly, save time on the selection of proper quality goods. By the way, here’s one more thing about saving time. We are talking about watermarks in product photos. Banggood doesn’t have them at all, and you don’t need to edit images when adding items to your store.

AliExpress shipping and seller processing time

Alright, we figured out the issues of prices and quality. Another important point is delivery speed. AliExpress has such a thing as “processing time”. This is the time it takes for a seller to collect and ship an order. Officially, it is 3-5 days. But in fact, it may take longer since sellers do not always cope with the volume of orders, especially during holidays. While Banggood has a professional system for collecting, checking, and dispatching orders. Therefore, delivery there will be faster than with AliExpress.

What platform to choose for dropshipping?

You may now be thinking about trying dropshipping from Banggood or another platform like AliExpress or eBay. This is a great idea as we have our own dropshipping solutions for each of these platforms.

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