7 useful tips for your dropshipping store

7 useful tips for your dropshipping store

Operating a dropshipping business is easier than any other eCommerce model. Even though beginners can cope with dropshipping business on themselves, a few tips may help a lot. Here we are going to explain the benefits you may get if you follow our 7 best tips for dropshipping:

  • Use multiple suppliers
  • Route orders based on locations
  • Offer complementary products instead of unavailable ones
  • Check on item availability
  • Study the suppliers’ return policies
  • Provide customer support
  • Provide more payment options

Use multiple suppliers

Working with many suppliers is better for your dropshipping store because this way you might be sure that your customers will get what they need. When you work with a single supplier, you may face a lack of demanded products but when you have two or more partners, you can always redirect orders to them.

Working with many suppliers might be complicated especially when there are a lot of orders. To make it easier we offer you our dropshipping plugin for AliExpress. With this solution, you will make your business automated and unlock a number of useful extensions.

Route orders based on locations

No one likes delays. When you work with multiple suppliers, you may route different orders based on the locations of customers and suppliers. If these locations are close to each other, the shipment will take less time and provide a purchaser with a better experience.

Offer complementary products instead of unavailable ones

Even if you work with many suppliers, you may face situations when the requested products aren’t in stock. The solution here is simple – just offer a complementary product with better characteristics instead of the unavailable one. Your store won’t lose a lot because of this deal but a client will be pleased with such a friendly service.

Check on item availability

If you want to prevent the above-described problem, you need to be always aware of the item availability. Keep in constant touch with the suppliers and always ask them about the quantities of the most demanded goods.

Study the suppliers’ return policies

Before you compile the return policy of your online store you should study the return policies of your suppliers. If your return policy will be more generous than the policies of your suppliers, they might charge you additional fees.

Provide customer support

Customers want their requests to be answered quickly. If some problems occur, they want to find fast solutions, and they will be loyal to your store if you assist them. If your business isn’t large enough to hire support managers, you may simply add the FAQ to your website. Make sure to answer the most common questions there

Provide more payment options

One of the ways to gain a loyal customer base is to provide clients with the possibility to use services they like. You can provide them with more payment options so that they could use any convenient method.

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