Deep Niche Research

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Deep Niche Research

US $49
2-7 business days
Packages include:
  • 3 profitable niches
  • Top 5 suppliers
  • Top 10 countries
  • Other useful info
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About this service

Puzzled about what to sell in your new dropshipping store? Afraid to make a mistake and lose money by choosing the wrong niche? We know how you feel – and we’re ready to help!

As our years of experience confirm, it’s your niche that determines the success of your entire dropshipping business. So, you need to do a research and go deep in statistics to find your perfect profitable dropshipping niche. Or, you can do nothing and get professional help from Dropship Club experts. We can provide you with three profitable niches based on trends, market saturation, and your interests & passions. All you need to do is fill in our questionnaire after the checkout process. That’s it!

What’s so good about the Niche Research service?

    • You save up to 8 hours of your time
    • No skills needed – experts perform the research themselves
    • No wasted money – all the suggested niches have a promising potential
    • You can be sure of the success of your business

By ordering the Niche Research service, you get:

  • 3 profitable niches to choose from
  • Top 5 suppliers on AliExpress to partner with
  • Top 10 countries to target your ads at
  • Much more useful info to help you make the choice


What happens after I order a Niche Research?
Our experts start analyzing your answers in the questionnaire to define three best niches for you! After the list with the analysis is ready, we’ll send all the info to your email with all the necessary details.
When will I receive my service?
The delivery time may vary from 2 to 7 business days depending on the chosen package.
Should I order a Niche Research first before getting a Custom Store?
Ali2Woo Team can help you in defining a trendy and high-demand niche for your future store. And with this particular service, we offer you much more than that. Our niche research is based not only on our huge experience in dropshipping business and niche potential but also on your personal interests, hobbies, and preferences. This way you will feel that it is not a work but an alternative way to do something pleasant related to your hobby and money-making! Also, we provide you with details about the best store categories, products, most reliable suppliers and targeting tips for your store. The Premium Package includes the SEO analysis of each of the recommended niches and keyword ideas for your future PPC ads (+ the list of Top 5 trending product ideas as a bonus).
Can I order a Niche Research if I already have a store with a defined theme and products?
We don't do research on the existing niche you already have - to tell if it's cool or not. This service includes finding new profitable niches for our clients. Our niche research service is perfect for those who don't have a store yet and have no idea what to sell :) Or those who'd like to change their current niche.
What if I want to change something in the delivered service package?
We want to save your time, so please check all your preferences before we start working on your order (we always ask our customers to fill into the form & tell about their preferences thoroughly). As an exception & as a last resort, we accept one set of corrections.
Aug 25, 2019
You can rest while these specialists are doing everything for you and be sure that they deliver a great solution for you. Highly recommend!
Connor USA
Jan 8, 2019
I had no idea about what niches are the most profitable and Ali2Woo’s experts helped me a lot, taking into an account my wishes. Thank you for the service!
Barbara Spain
Nov 4, 2018
Very friendly and enthusiastic workers and very valuable service.
Leonars Romania
Oct 5, 2018
The team always has the interest of the customer in mind, as well as of your company. So their professional opinion will be a good start for your business.
Isaac Germany
Sep 24, 2018
Great experience! I'll be definitely using your other services in the future.
Oswald Austria
Aug 6, 2018
Thanks for all your help and expertise!
Gilbert Poland
Feb 12, 2018
The guys have a strong understanding of customers needs and work proactively, fast and high-quality.
Marisa USA
Jan 2, 2018
Good service! The specialists have great ideas and take care of everything.
Victoria Australia
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