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  • philipp oberthür

    Can I create a extra field for the house number entered on my order form or can it only be a form field because of Ali2Woo?
    The problem with us is that customers often enter the street number in a field, but not the house number.
    Best regards!

    Arthemy Ryzhov


    You can create any field you want. But when a user send the form, the data have to be saved on the fields which are known for our plugin.

    We noticed that you have created the ticket #6244 in our support system. We suggest you to continue our communication there.

    Ali2Woo Team

    philipp oberthür

    ok thank you very much, then i will wait for the ticket answer 🙂

    philipp oberthür


    somebody knows if i can use this plugin for the checkout form field?

    Checkout Field Editor

    philipp oberthür

    ok solved, if anybody needs to know, with this code theres a error message if you dont put in a street number:

    // Check if address field contains house number otherwise provide error message

    add_action( ‘woocommerce_after_checkout_validation’, ‘validate_checkout’, 10, 2);

    function validate_checkout( $data, $errors ){
    if ( ! preg_match(‘/[0-9]/’, $data[ ‘billing_address_1’ ] ) ){
    $errors->add( ‘address’, ‘Achtung: Bitte Hausnummer angeben’ );

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