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  • Patrick Gerrits

    Place multiple orders. When fulfilling multiple orders it is easier to pay for them all at once instead of one by one. Can the plugin be configured to cancel payment for each fullfillment and then go to the next order etc etc.

    Like described here:


    Hello, yes it’s possible to do right now.

    The Ali2Woo plugin allows WooCommerce order to be matched with several AliExpress orders.

    When you fulfill the WooCommerce order using the Ali2Woo Chrome extension, it places all AliExpress orders related with the WooCommerce one automatically.

    Also check the following article to know more about the order fulfillment function.


    Patrick Gerrits


    What i meant was about paying the orders. For example. When i have 20 orders that eneds to be fulfilled @ali i need to pay them one by one. that is a lot of extra work. It would be nice if i could place them all at once.


    I think we could implement a feature to fulfill them one by one like in a queue.
    So you will just open your order list page, then click a button “Place All” and the chrome extension place each order in the list. This is the feature you’re looking for?

    Patrick Gerrits

    Yes that is wat i mean!

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