How To Write Return and Refund Policy for a Dropshipping Store

Return and refund policy are a part of dropshipping business. It seems unpleasant, but as a business owner you can make it smooth and profitable both for your customers — they get the right product or money back — and for your store — pleased customers may purchase again and recommend your store as a good and reliable place.

Returns? Keep Calm!

For the first time an entrepreneur get request for return, he or she may get really upset. The product cracked or clients aren’t satisfied and you won’t earn money on the order — sadness may overwhelm. But we recommend you face it and carry on.

To tell the truth, it’s a part of business. Every business gets complaints from clients and  good one responds them and supports. Though all we as buyers are also upset, if the purchase turned out to be defective, the situation is all right, if we can get a replacement or money back. Fortunately, “92% of consumers will buy something again, if returns are easy whereas”. Smooth return process is a way to attract you clients, inspire them to repeat their purchase, write a review on your service and recommend you.

As a business owner, you can manage the situation, answer your clients positively and politely, apologize and define action steps for all. You are a professional dropshipper, aren’t you?

Here we are to give you some clues about these steps. It is one of your business process: preparing return policy, responding to your clients, check the back shipping and send the money back.

How to Write a Return Policy

Return and Refund Policy is one of essential documents for your AliExpress dropshipping business. It sets, if you make refunds at all, what products it can be, conditions, time, payment system. So, write down what you are ready to do for you clients, but remember that “67% of shoppers check the returns page before making a purchase”. This means, you can announce that you DO NOT make returns and careful visitors will not buy anything.

In addition, clear return conditions build your customers’ expectations. They will know they can return a vase, broken during the delivery, a collar that didn’t suit, but can’t return panties because it is underwear.

To make all the points clear, you can use one of online policy generators like, which helps you to create the document step by step, or take as example a shop you like. Let’s observe the conditions, you should include:

  • What countries are eligible for refunds and returns,
  • The period of time when customers are eligible for a return,
  • The period of time you send the money back,
  • Items that cannot be returned,
  • Variants of what they may get: refund only, return and refund, store credit only, exchange only — or some of them, or all of them,
  • Who pays for shipping, your store or a client,
  • Your contacts for returns and address the package should be sanded back.

One of the points above is essential of your policy: refund only, return and refund, store credit only, exchange only — or some of them, or all of them. It is the issue you should carefully think about.

If you don’t want to spend time and efforts on shipping back, you can offer refunds without returns. If you do not want to send money back, you can offer only product exchange or the store credit for the client.

As every returns issue causes messaging with a client, a person may ask about a variant which is not provided in you Returns Policy, e.g. exchange instead refund. Sometimes you may meet such a request and make your client happy.

Discuss Returns with Your Supplier


Of course, your return policy depends on your decision and return policy of your suppliers. You do not ship the products, you do not get them back, so, make clear the issue with your managers.

  • How do they work with returns?
  • Who pays for back delivery, they or clients?
  • What is the time period after delivery, the return can be made? What document confirms the date of delivery?

In general, the questions are the same you need to write your own policy. Though you can decide to provide more service for your customers than the suppliers do.

To make sure that the manufacturer’s policy is strong, order some products for a test and ask for return or exchange. Be picky, choosing your suppliers, discuss the return activities in advance, this shows you are a responsible partner.

How to Create a Return Policy Page on WooCommerce

As the Return Policy page is one of essential static pages, we should add it to the site menu. This is a manual how to do it for an AliExpress dropshipping store on WooCommerce.

  1. Look at the WordPress dashboard on the left, select Pages menu and click Add new button.
  2. Type a name for the page. “Return Policy” or “Return and Refunds Policy” is OK. The title you may double as the URL, like “”.
  3. You may add the text of your policy just after creating the page or later. Save the page
  1. Navigate to WordPress Dashboard on the left → Appearance Menus.
  2. From the section on the left, choose the page to add to your menu. Fill the checkbox. 
  3. Click Add to Menu button. Save.

Gain Repeat Purchase

In 1996 book “A complaint is a gift” was published. The authors tell that customer complaints are a valuable feedback that can bring benefit to your shop and satisfaction to your customers. Clear return conditions, polite messages and returning instructions can make your clients, upset with their order, to your store fans.

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