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  • Gert-Jan Buth


    I really like the autocomplete plugin, but I do have a feature request: would it be possible to add an option or setting to use an autocomplete field as email address field in the form notifications to the senders (which they receive after submitting the form)?

    I have created a form with which secondary school students can submit their preferences for two workshops on a theme day organized by their school; in this form I use one autocomplete field with manual entries for their names and with one autocomplete field for their email addres. Their email address is basically their student number [at]; so with the autocomplete field they only have to type the first digits of their student number and soon they can select their email address. I use an autocomplete field for both their name and email address, to make sure they can’t misspell it. In combination with the sender notification email it’s also some protection against pranking each other by submitting a workshop choice for classmate, since that classmate would notice it and be able to come forward and say ‘I did not submit these workshop choices’.

    This is very convenient for them, since they must submit their preferences, otherwise the workshop choice will be made for them. But now the form has no email address field, so the notifications to the students currently cannot be sent, which is very annoying. So I would really like to have a solution for this problem, other than adding a default email address field and ask the students to manually enter their email address. For me the best solution would be if I can set an autocomplete field to behave like an email address field, so the form will recognize the field as such and make it available to select in the notification when you choose ‘use field’ for email address.

    I will also submit a support ticket with Gravity Forms to ask them to allow other fields than the default ’email address’ field to be used as such, but maybe you can work together with them to improve GF + autocomplete on this point?

    Arthemy Ryzhov


    We can modify the plugin especially for you but for an additional cost. If you are interested, please, send a ticket in our support center. There we can discuss details of your wish and cost of it:

    Ali2Woo Team

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