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    I bought the plugin last week and are now using it for product import from AliExpress. The plugin is easy to configure and work with and we like the user interface.

    I have observed that Ali2Woo is not importing all product data and from time to time the entire product description is missing.

    1. The Specification is not imported at all. So right now we will need to copy and paste the specification. We were sure that Ali2Woo would handle the specification import as well. How can we get the specification to be included in the import?

    2. What can we do to make sure Ali2Woo import the product description every time? It is quite time consuming to find that several products in a Chrome import do not have the product description and therefore must be imported again. Even in a second import, there are still some products which still is missing the product description.

    3. Product cost is not imported – how can we get this vital price information to be imported as well?

    4. At our account it states that we are on a free package – something must be wrong as we have paid for the Ali2Woo plugin.

    5. The limitation of 1,000 product we never saw at the Envato Market, it was first when we log in at the Ali2Woo website that we learned about this limitation. It is an important detail, which should be informed before or during the purchase.

    Please help us out on 1, 2, 3 and 4.

    Thank you and best regards,



    Most of these problems are because you have an old version of the plugin installed. Aliexpress recently made a few changes on its side, so you need to install a new version of the plugin.

    Write to us in the support system and we will help you update the plugin.

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