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  • Nadia Kerr

    Great plugin!!! We wanted our task to run every 25mins and have it overwrite the previous file. To achieve this we made the following changes to your plugin:

    Added (where applicable in the index.php file):

    ‘label’ => __(“25 minutes”, $this->_slug),
    ‘value’ => ‘minutes’

    case ‘minutes’:
    //old logic only
    $next_time = strtotime(“+25 minute”, $current_timestamp);
    $local_time = GFCommon::get_local_timestamp($next_time);

    case ‘minutes’:
    $export_start = strtotime( ‘-24 minute’, $export_end );
    $time_frame_text = ‘+25 minute’;
    $time_frame_sec = 1500;

    And update the filename prefix from:
    $name_prefix = $feed_id . ‘-‘ . sanitize_title_with_dashes( $feed_data[‘meta’][‘export_feed_name’] ) . ‘-‘ . gmdate( ‘Y-m-d_g-i-s’, GFCommon::get_local_timestamp( time() ) ) . ‘_’;

    to: $name_prefix = ‘import_file’;

    Perhaps these code snippets may help some others wanting to achieve the same thing.


    Hello, thank you for sharing your solution with our community 🙂

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