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  • Matthew Knight

    Not sure if anyone has any idea why no vape products work on Aliexpress for but they don’t work. Every single link on Aliexpress is broken and i have no way to contact them.
    Their live chat is just a robot they don’t have a 800 number to call.

    At this time looks like all vape drop shipping site’s are no longer gonna be able to sell vape stuff that leaves me with the question of would it be possible to have the ali2woo key moved to a different type of drop shipping site?

    Or am i gonna have to buy another key.
    This kinda sucks at this point that i put a lot of money into that site already and for some reason they have removed all of the vape products so you can’t sell them anymore.

    Arthemy Ryzhov


    If you want to continue to use this domain, you can just use our plugin with different products.

    If you want to change the domain, you need to buy another purchase key, because technically it is different store.

    We are selling our plugin on CodeCanyon and according to its license, one purchase key is for one site.

    Ali2Woo Team

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