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  • Jonathan Wilde

    I purchased your plugin and have tested.
    My form has a nested form using a Perk from
    When I export manually the nested content is contained in the CSV but when I run a scheduled export using your plugin, the nested form content is not included.
    Is there a fix for this, please?

    Both CSVs are attached.

    Many thanks!

    Jonathan Wilde

    The CSVs didn’t attache properly, I’m trying here.


    Hello, I’m sorry for the delay. There are a lot of plugins allowing to make nested forms. And we can’t make our plugin compatible with all those plugins because they work differently. But we could do that as custom work for you and add compatibility. Please send a request to our support center, the technical specialist will analyze the task and give you the quote:


    Jonathan Wilde

    Which nested form plugin is your plugin compatible with please?


    Hello, as we already said earlier – many plugins allow the functionality of the nested form. And each such plugin makes new releases periodically. We try just follow Gravity Form plugin standards but can’t guarantee that specific nested form plugin will work with our plugin out of the box. So, just install any nested-form plugin that you prefer and test it, if you see that now all features are compatible. We can look at the issue and give you the quote since it will be custom work.


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