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  • Peter Zillinger

    everytime i tried to import a product, i get following error:
    “Product (id: 1005001531013114) Import Failed.

    Input your license key(Purchase code) in Ali2Woo settings. Read the following article for more information.”

    Ok, i read every,really every article, but i did everything and it dont work.

    1. I put in the API and its correct
    2. I put in the Purchase Code and it is correct too.

    Sry, but if i buy a product it should work and this doesnt.

    Regards, Peter


    Hello, on the common settings (in Ali2Woo) there is the “Purchase key” field, please copy there your purchase key that you get on Codecanyon.


    Peter Zillinger


    sry, but didnt you read my text?

    I told you that i did that and it dont work.

    Perfekt support, pls send my money back


    Some people copy their API Key instead of purchase key to the plugin settings. That’s why i recommend to double check this. Make sure you insert the license on the common settings in the purchase key field: see article

    If your problem will not be resolved, please contact our support center.

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