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    I know this may require custom development or it might not.

    If it needs custom development, please let us know the cost and time required.

    in our Woocommerce website, we sell drop shipped products from AliExpress as well as our company’s products.

    Shipping details for dropshipped products are imported along with other product details using  Ali2Woo plugin, no problem here.

    Ali2Woo will display shipping options just below the product name as a dropdown list, in the shopping cart page, which is good.

    for products that are in our inventory, we have entered shipping options manually, not a problem but,  the problem is that shipping options are displayed as radio buttons, in the shopping cart page, just above checkout button.

    We would like to unify the way shipping options are displayed.

    I was wondering how to display shipping options in a drop-down rather than radio buttons.

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    Andrey X


    The problem is that on aliexpress, products of one seller have their own unique delivery methods. Also, even if the delivery method is the same, the cost may be different. Implementing it in a less convenient form is not possible.

    But if you have any ideas, share it, maybe something will work out.

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