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  • Peter Stavrou

    I have turned off<label for=”a2w_import_extended_variation_attribute”> Extended variation attributes </label>so I can create my own custom ones but when I import variations the default attribute is imported as well.
    That attribute cannot be renamed inside the product page, so I am planning to delete it and create a custom attribute but will that affect the variations? Are attributes and variations linked and by deleting attributes, fulfillment won’t work correctly? Or is it safe to delete the attribute, create a custom one and keep the variations which were imported from Ali2Woo?

    Peter Stavrou

    I want to make custom attributes for each product (not global) and then use the swatch plugin to add images to them.


    Hello, you can delete attributes from variations. Please note if you delete the attribute, you need delete it from all variations having it. The order fulfillment feature will work correctly.


    Peter Stavrou

    “you need delete it from all variations having it.”

    What do you mean exactly?

    For example, I delete it from here and then create a custom product attribute. Do I then need to go into Variations and delete all variations and then “create variations from attribute”?


    If an attribute is used in some variations, then you need to go to Variation tab and look through all variations and make sure they don’t have that attribute, otherwise you delete it.

    Peter Stavrou

    I’m still having trouble with this…
    Basically all I want to change is this text
    When I remove the attributes that were imported from AliExpress and add my own attribute and press save, all of the variations get removed.

    Do I need to create the variations manually for my custom attribute?

    Peter Stavrou

    I think i figured it out for anyone else having this problem.
    If you create a custom attribute and then just add all the variations in there and after that delete the imported attribute it works.
    After that I delete color and leave the custom attribute style.

    Admin, please confirm that there is no problem doing this and fulfillment will still work.

    Peter Stavrou

    When completing the method above, the swatches don’t work.

    Peter Stavrou

    Well the swatches appear but variations don’t work, image does not change on click

    Peter Stavrou

    It appears that a featured image is required for everything to work.
    All good now 🙂


    It sounds good 🙂

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