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The Ali2Woo plugin has a special section where you can enable or disable importing the shipping options from AliExpress. Also there you can set your margin for the shipping methods.
Please go to Ali2Woo -> Settings -> Shipping settings section to manage those things.

Shipping settings

Use Aliexpress Shipping – it allows Ali2Woo to import the shipping methods from AliExpress and show the shipping drop-down selection on your website Frontend (pages: Cart, Checkout) and Backend (i.e. it keeps the shipping information in the order data).

Default Shipping Country – set the Default option for the Country drop-down selection on your website Frontend (pages: Cart and Checkout).

Global shipping rules

In the section you can set your margin for shipping options imported from AliExpress. This is the Global shipping rules. Please note that you can disable Global shipping rules for specific shipping methods and change the shipping method title and its availablity on Ali2Woo -> Shipping List page. You can read more about it in the article.

The Ali2Woo plugin can multiply or add a fixed markup to the original AliExpress shipping price or overwrite it with a custom price.

Multiplier – multiplies the original price by the number you set in the Multiplier field.

Fixed Markup – allows you to set a fixed amount that is added on top of the original shipping price.

Custom Price – overwrite the original shipping price with your custom price.

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