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It’s recommended to learn the Shipping settings article before continue to read current one.

The Import List table contains all shipping options imported from AliExpress at the current moment. The Ali2Woo plugin adds new methods if it finds them in the imported products, when your customers adds those products to the cart and choose the destination country. According with the country the plugin imported the shipping methods and their rates to your store, it takes in account the shipping pricing rules which you can set on the Shipping settings page.

If you want to disable price rule for some specific method, change its title or disable it at all, you need click the Edit button near the apropriate method.

For example, look at the example above. You can change the ePacket title to any string, also you can disable the price rules for this method and change its status to the Draft if you want to hide it on the Frontend.

How it looks in the cart?

When it’s allowed for Ali2Woo to import the shipping methods from AliExpress, your visitors will see additional fields on the Cart and Checkout page on your website.
Lets look how it will look on the Cart page, because on the Checkout it will have very similiar look.

As you can see there are the destination country field (Ship my order(s) to) and the Shipping method field on the screenshot above. Also in the cart totals there is the Shipping subtotal value.

Please note that you can set the countries for the destination country field in the WooCommeece settings.

Also if you want to change the Shipping label`s text that is disaplayed in the Cart totals section, or if you want to hide it completely, you need go to WooCoommerce -> Settings -> Shipping -> Ali2Woo Shipping tab.

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