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Ali2Woo plugin allows to import product variations and normal attributes from AliExpress. Each variation consists from several attributes (for example: black color and 22 size) and It’s possible to remove unneasseary variations and attributes if needed.

On the screenshot below you can see an example of AliExpress product with two variations (Ships From and Color).

On the next screenshot there is the same product with its normal attributes called “Item Specifics” on english version

Please note if you include some attribute to the product variation loaded from AliExpress, it will be overwritten and your changes won’t be saved when AliExpress sync is done. But if you add new attribute and it will not be related with variations, then it will not be lost after the sync.

If you want to know how to improve style of the product variations on your website frontend, please check this article.

Also please check this article to know what plugin settings can affect how the product variations are imported from AliExpress.

Please pay attention the normal attributes together with the product variations will be imported from AliExpress. Those attributes are called “Item Specifics” in english version of

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