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Ali2Woo plugin has a feature to automatically place the orders and this process is very easy. All you need is a special chrome extension (it’s free) and the account on AliExpress website. You should signed into that account before do the fulfillment.

How to fulfill the orders automatically?

Once you’ve received a new order, just go to WooCommerce > Orders, find the order and click on the “backet” icon to automatically place the order on AliExpress.

Also there are two other buttons.

  1. The “eye“-styled button is to view the detailed order`s information
  2. The “i“-styled button to know AliExpress information related with the order

Click the “backet” to proceed with processing your order. The plugin will visit AliExpress and fulfill the order for you automatically: select necessary product variation, add items to your shopping cart and fill your customer’s shipping details on the checkout page.

And now to complete the purchase on AliExpress, click on Confirm & Pay button at the bottom of the page.  When the payment is completed,  Chrome extension gets the External order ID (ID of the order on AliExpress) and save it in your WooCommerce order`s data. The External order ID is necessary to automatically retrieve tracking codes from AliExpress website.

Also read more about order tracking process because it helps you to automate your work as dropshipper.

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