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When you import some content from AliExpress (for example: products, reviews, shipping methods end etc.), it can contain the text or phrases which shouldn’t be  in your store. The phrase filtering tool is the tool which can remove or replace unneseasery strings automatically according with phrase filtering rules.

If you go to Ali2Woo -> Settings -> Phrase Filtering page, you will see the interface letting you to add the phrase filtering rules.

Please note that the Phrase rules are compared in case sensitive mode.

On the screenshot above you can see several phrase filtering rules. Each rule consist from two parts: Phrase and Replacement.
The Ali2Woo plugin is looking for phrases and replace them with apropriate replacement. If replacement keeps blank, then the phrase will be removed completely for the imported content.

How to apply the Phrase filtering rules to already imported content?

The content imported from AliExpress which are already in your store or in your Import list, will not get automatically updated after you setup your Phrase filtering rules, therefore you will need to take an additional step and make sure to click Apply Filter to your Shop button.

Once a new tab opens, you can update the type and scope. After selecting the preferred update type and scope click on the green Apply button and your content will start updating accordingly.

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