Importing Products

There are several ways to import the products.
1) Import products using the built-in search module
2) Import products using Ali2Woo google chrome extension

Built-in search module

From this page, you can explore products in 3 possible ways:

1. Search for the products by keywords using the main search bar.
2. Search for specific product using its exact url or ID through the additional popup window.
3. Search for the products using advanced search filters.

If you tap on the advance button, you will see additional filters. It makes possible to use the price range filters, sellers feedback scores filters, sold in 30 days filters.

Also you can sort the search results by orders count, price, seller`s feedback score, comossion rate and valid time.

When you click on Import product by URL or ID, new popup window will be opened. There you can insert the AliExpress product url or its ID and find the desired product.

The results will be displayed below the search bar. Press Add to import list near the products you want to sell.

Ali2Woo Chrome extension

You can import products from the website using the Ali2Woo Chrome Extension. Make sure you have installed the extension and configured it properly before continue to read this article.

To start import the product please do several steps:

1. Go to the website.

2. Type in any keyword in the search tool or use the category filter on the left side to see product listings.

3. Move a mouse on the product to see the Ali2Woo icon next to it. The Ali2Woo icon also appears when you are on the specific product page.

4. Click on it to add the product to the Import list.

Also on AliExpress category and store pages there is the function to mass import the products. If you click the button the products will be imported one by one.

Import List

When you imported the products using buil-in search module or Ali2Woo chrome extension, the will appear on Ali2Woo > Import list page.
There you can customize the products before pushing them into your WooCommerce.

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