How to customize Products?

After you add a product, you can use supplier’s information, images and leave the product as it is, or you can customize it to look more professional in your WooCommerce store.

Customizing Products in the Import List

After you add the product to the Import List, you can customize it on the Ali2Woo > Import List page before publishing into the WooCommerce store. Go to Product, Description, Variants, Images tabs to edit the product according to your needs.

To publish the product in your WooCommerce store, click “Push to Shop”.

ali2woo import list product tab


You can change the product name, add it to WooCommerce categories, set the product type or assign tags. Categories, types and tags help organize products better in the WooCommerce store.


Use the editor to edit product description, add images or insert links if needed.

ali2woo import list variants tab


On the Variants tab, you can change SKU, variant names and manually set the product price. Under the Profit column you will see the potential profit you will get selling this product.

There you can also deselect variants that you do not want to sell and see how much inventory the supplier has for each variant.

In addition, at the top, you will see additional options letting to prevent product price (or/and product quantity) from auto-updating. Enable them to prevent the changes during Ali2Woo perform the synchronization with AliExpress.


Ali2Woo by default imports all images, therefore, here you can deselect some images you would not like to add to the product. Take note that after you publish the product in your WooCommerce store, it may take some time until all images are uploaded.

Customizing Products in WooCommerce Admin

After the product is published in the WooCommerce store, you can only customize it in WooCommerce admin. There is no way to transfer pushed products back to the Import List.
You can find all your products on the “Products” page.

In WooCommerce, you can customize these specifics:
-Product title
-Product type
-Edit website SEO

How to use the A2W Data section?

If you open the Product Edit page of some product pushed into your WooCommerce store, you will see the additional “A2W Data” section added by Ali2Woo plugin.

The section allows you to edit some Ali2Woo product related parameters in one place.
1) External ID – AliExpress product ID. If you change it, Ali2Woo plugin will use new ID when the automatic syncronization runs.
2) Orders count – this field shows how much product remaining in AliExpress stock, it doesn’t affect to the stock level on your website frontend, the field was added just for the information.
3) Disable synchronization – enable this option if you don’t want to update the product at all when AliExpress sync runs.
4) Disable price change – enable this option if you don’t want to update the product price when AliExpress sync runs.
5) Disable quantity change – enable this option if you don’t want to update the product quantity  (shown on your website frontend) when AliExpress sync runs.
6) Product url – the affiliate link used when the order (containing the product) is placed on AliExpress; if you change something in Ali2Woo > Account settings page, then the affiliate link will be updated when next AliExpress sync runs.
7) Original product url – the original AliExpress product link (the parameter was added just for the information).
8) Last update – it shows the time (unix timestamp format) of the last sync for the product (the parameter was added just for the information).
9) Reviews last update – it shows the time (unix timestamp format) of the last sync for the product (the parameter was added just for the information).
10) Removed attributes – when you delete some attributes from the product, they will be shown in the field; Ali2Woo plugin remebers all removed attributes and will not restore them when AliExpress sync runs; if you want to restore some attribute you need delete them from the section.
11) Removed attributes – this is the same as above, but it’s for variations.

What happens when you delete a product variation or its values?

  1. You can delete one or several variations from the product. As result, deleted ones are not be restored during AliExpress synchronization.
  2. If you delete all variations, then the product gets the “out-of-stock” status.
  3. If you want to convert the variable product to simple product, then just delete all variations except one. The remaining variation will be used during AliExpress synchronization.
  4. If you want to delete the specific variation value (for example “China”), just delete all variation having that value.

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